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Chapter 925
Chapter 925: Life Or Death

Feng Wu clearly saw that this was the moment!

While Jun Linyuan and the beast were still in a stalemate —

Jun Linyuan had a large ball of flame in front of him and the beast had a mass of frosty mist!

It was like an incense stick that was burning at both ends .

There was fire on one end and ice on the other . Neither would give in!

Feng Wu’s heart was pounding . This was it . It was time for that tipping point .

What happened was quicker than words could describe!

Raising the storage bag, Feng Wu poured the contents over the beast’s head!

Crash —

The beast and Jun Linyuan were almost equal in capability, but then, Feng Wu joined the fight!

Little balls of abnormal flame fell out onto the Frosty Night Beast’s head .

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For a split second, time seemed to freeze .

The next moment —


The Frosty Night Beast screeched!

It wasn’t just because of the little balls of fire; Jun Linyuan’s abnormal flame gained the upper hand and crushed the beast!

The fire soon surrounded the Frosty Night Beast and licked at its body!

“Ahhh —”

The Frosty Night Beast felt as if its soul was burning . It growled .

Rumble —

The sound resonated in the formation .

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Jun Linyuan and Feng Wu cried out in unison, “Shit!”

The beast had turned into a giant surrounded by both ice and fire, and it gave off a dark, malicious energy . The formation made a cracking sound, as if it was going to shatter .

Taking Feng Wu’s hand, Jun Linyuan dashed toward the cave opening!

However, with a sweep of its giant paw, the beast trapped Jun Linyuan and Feng Wu in the formation .

Seeing this, Xuan Yi and the others wanted to run over and help the two of them .

Feng Wu shouted, “Go! Now! You’ll only get yourselves killed!”

Just then, the ceiling of the cave collapsed, and so did the formation under their feet!

“Roar —”

The Frosty Night Beast howled!

The sound disturbed everything within a 5km radius, and the ground shook violently!

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The ground shuddered with what felt like shock waves, which threw everyone off balance .

Jun Linyuan would have been able to get Feng Wu out of the cave if he wasn’t injured . However, with his injuries and the fierce fight, the toxin had spread through his body .

Feng Wu saw that his skin was turning gray already .

Even then, Jun Linyuan still shielded Feng Wu in his arms, making sure that none of the falling ice chunks hit her .

And she wasn’t affected by the strong wind either .

Just then —

There was another cracking sound, and Feng Wu looked down . Damn it!

The ground had opened up, and the crack was widening!

It was too late for Feng Wu to warn Jun Linyuan now .


The wild beast ran into Jun Linyuan in one final attack!

The gap opened into a bottomless pit . The fall would kill Jin Linyuan!

That beast had smashed into Jun Linyuan with all its strength!

Jun Linyuan was knocked off his feet .

The impact was incredible!

Jun Linyuan pushed Feng Wu away as far as he could before he was knocked over .

He then fell into the gap .

However —

Before the beast fell, it sucked in one final breath before Feng Wu could land on her feet!

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