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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:18:09 PM
Chapter 924
Chapter 924: Two Swords Working as One (3)

Crack —

All of a sudden, ice began to cover the ground as well as the walls .

It was freezing…

It was already cold inside the cave, but it had just gotten colder!

Feng Wu shivered involuntarily . “…It’s freezing in here . ”

Instead of checking the temperature, Jun Linyuan turned to look at the beast .

By now, the beast was covered in wounds and blood was oozing out of all the cuts . It was surrounded by a strange energy .

However —

Frosty white mist was rising from its body .


Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan cried out in unison .

“It’s releasing a frosty mist!” Feng Wu grabbed Jun Linyuan’s hand and cried out, “It’s going to destroy this formation with a low temperature!”

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Feng Wu had to hand it to the beast .

With all the wounds left by Jun Linyuan, it would only be a matter of time before it died from blood loss . Jun Linyuan would win the battle eventually .

The Frosty Night Beast knew nothing about formations, but it could destroy what was trapping it here with sheer coldness!

The formation would be deactivated if the temperature kept dropping .

When that happened, they would have to start all over again .

Without the help of the formation, the human teens would be at a disadvantage .

Crack —

More ice covered the ground as time passed, and the cracking sounds grew louder .

They had to put an end to this!

Jun Linyuan snuck up on the beast again .

He struck down at the beast with Sky Destroyer, and realized in surprise that because of the ice covering its body, he was only able to make a shallow cut . The strike didn’t hurt the beast .

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The Frosty Night Beast guffawed .

It had been waiting for the teenager to show his face again .

The beast stared at Jun Linyuan with its bloodshot eyes .

It was injured, but so was Jun Linyuan!

And both of them had been poisoned!

As soon as it started releasing the cold energy again, Jun Linyuan had to make a move to fend it off .

Crack —

More ice covered the ground .

However, Jun Linyuan sat down and began to make a hand seal . Soon, a streak of abnormal flame rose from his hands .

More popped up to fight the ice!

He had the fire attribute .

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And the beast had the ice attribute .

One was trying to freeze the formation so that it would break apart .

The other was trying to counteract with his abnormal flame to keep the formation active .

Crack —

The ice and the abnormal flame clashed!

The range of their attacks kept shrinking until they were almost upon each other .

Ice versus fire!

They were clearly on equal footing, and neither one seemed to be able to gain the upper hand .

So much so that they had reached an equilibrium .

Meanwhile —

An idea struck Feng Wu!


They were in a stalemate; all they needed was a tipping point . What if she gave them that?

“Where are you going?”

Yu Mingye grabbed Feng Wu’s hand when she was about to jump out of the hiding place .

“It’s now or never!”

Feng Wu took out the infinity storage bag which she had gotten from Jun Linyuan . Little Phoenix had been accumulating little balls of abnormal flame at Feng Wu’s instruction .

Little Phoenix had gotten its abnormal flame from Jun Linyuan, so the balls should do the job!

Feng Wu only realized how precious the bag really was when Little Phoenix told her that it could store balls of abnormal flame in it .

Feng Wu decided that she would have Little Phoenix store more on a daily basis . They might come in handy .

Just then —

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