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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:18:03 PM
Chapter 926
Chapter 926: What’s Going On?

The beast hated Feng Wu even more!

For it wouldn’t have lost if this human girl hadn’t interfered!

Hence, the beast had to take Feng Wu down with it .

Poor Feng Wu . This had to be her unluckiest day .

The Frosty Night Beast sucked in one final breath to pull Feng Wu in its direction!

“No —”

Feng Wu cried out!

But —

She still got sucked in!

“Boss Jun!”

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“Little Feng Wu!”

Feng Xun, Xuan Yi, and Yu Mingye shouted in unison .

Everything happened so fast, and in front of their eyes, these two people fell into the gap .

It seemed to be a thousand meters down, and frosty mist filled the air .

Crack —

The gap was still growing wider .

The moment Jun Linyuan and Feng Wu fell into the gap —

In Imperial College .

Zuo Ming had arrived at Imperial College as planned . Because of his teleportation ability, he was going to take over Grand Secretary Fang’s position as acting principal and get the special clearance level .

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Once he achieved what he was here for, he would officially become acting principal, for Grand Secretary Fang would take the blame and resign .

At that critical moment —

Crack —

Crack —

“What’s that noise?” Many people in the square heard it .

Everyone exchanged looks of bewilderment .

“Hey! Look! That screen!”

Someone cried out .

All the parents looked up at the screen that had shown the candidate rankings before .

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The screen had gone dark after the communication loss, but right at that moment —

It lit up again!

What did that mean?

All eyes lit up and everyone was elated . “The communication is back, isn’t it? Isn’t it?!”

Judging by the ranking, it should be the case!

The first was Xuanyuan Yi and the second Gongsun Qing…

Grand Secretary Fang was about to give Zuo Ming the right of power when it happened… Grand Secretary Fang cupped his hands at the latter . “Mr Zuo, I’m afraid that this will have to wait . ”

After that, Grand Secretary Fang and the other bosses of Imperial College entered the office that was for them alone .

There —

They would be able to see everything that was going on in Proud Snowfield .

“Mr Zuo, please wait here . ” Grand Secretary Fang gestured at Zuo Ming .

Zuo Ming’s face had turned livid!

Why had Imperial College lost contact with those in Proud Snowfield in the first place? Well, it had everything to do with Zuo Ming . He was the one who had made it happen .

Not only had he sent Blade after Feng Wu, he had also hired another mysterious figure, who was the one to cut communication between the snowfield and the college .

That was why Zuo He was confident that he would be able to repair the lost communication, and as a result, become the head of Imperial College .

The position used to belong to Zuo He, his brother, so why couldn’t he have it?

However, the last thing he expected was for communication to come back on its own .

What was going on?

Zuo Ming frowned . He couldn’t understand it .

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