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Chapter 923
Chapter 923: Two Swords Working as One (2)

Jun Linyuan’s face lit up!

He saw it right away . This formation was a trap set up by Feng Wu, and the target was none other than that Frosty Night Beast behind him!


The beast charged into the cave when Jun Linyuan was still feeling a little dazed .

Jun Linyuan wasn’t as proficient in formations as Feng Wu was, but he was no newbie . Moreover, Feng Wu had left instructions when she set up the formation .

The beast entered the cave to find itself faced with rolling mountains .

The mounds were just mounds to Jun Linyuan, but to the beast, they were sky high mountain peaks!


The beast growled!

Jun Linyuan swiftly made his way through the formation, the lower hem of his robe fluttering in the wind . That beast couldn’t catch up with him!

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Realizing what Jun Linyuan’s plan was, Feng Wu applauded him inwardly .

Jun Linyuan was indeed an incredible guy!

One look at the formation and he understood her strategy . He was using it against the beast now .

Poor beast . It was all brawn and no brain . However, Jun Linyuan had both . If they carried on like this, they would be able to wrap this up very soon .

That was it!

Somewhere the beast couldn’t see —


Jun Linyuan appeared suddenly from behind a corner and stabbed the beast with Sky Destroyer!

The Frosty Night Beast wanted to dodge, but it walked right into the trap which Feng Wu had set up!

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It was a pit with needles at the bottom!

Whoosh —

The needles were all as long as a palm, and they all pierced the beast’s paw!

They were steel needles specially made by Feng Wu, and which had been soaked in poison that would take effect at the lightest scratch, to say nothing of a pierced paw .

However, it took time for the toxin to spread .

The beast charged at Jun Linyuan, but Jun Linyuan disappeared into thin air in the next second .

The beast was bewildered .

Hiding in a corner, Feng Wu grinned .

That was incredible!

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The mark she left for a hiding place was very subtle, but Jun Linyuan had still found it right away .

Thud, thud, thud —

With the help of the formation, Jun Linyuan made one successful strike after another at the beast .

Poor beast . Without adequate intelligence, it couldn’t do anything but take the blows .


Jun Linyuan launched another strike . This time, Sky Destroyer slid across the beast’s neck, and Jun Linyuan disappeared again, leaving a small cut behind .

The Frosty Night Beast growled in frustration, but could only stomp its paws . Jun Linyuan had disappeared again .

This was the worst, getting hit without being able to fight back .

And this time, Jun Linyuan…

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched!


Jun Linyuan was coming her way!

That was impossible!

She had hidden herself so well, and in order to get to her, one had to find the only true path among 99 illusional ones . But Jun Linyuan had just succeeded!

Was the guy really not a formation expert?

Before Feng Wu could react, Jun Linyuan had taken her by the wrist .

“You —” Feng Wu cried out . “You should be fighting that beast! Why are you even here?”

Jun Linyuan glared at Feng Wu . “How can you stay here? You should leave now!”

Feng Wu raised her chin . “The most dangerous place is the safest! I designed this formation and I know what it can do!”

However, at that moment —

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