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Chapter 922
Chapter 922: Two Swords Working as One (1)

She had been able to open this bag right away after Jun Linyuan dropped it . She detected no blood bond .

“You have to be mistaken . ” Feng Wu stared at Yu Mingye .

“No, I’m not . Your infinity storage bag is definitely a superior grade one, because common storage bags have a capacity of a couple of cubic meters at most . But yours can hold hundreds of cubic meters worth of stuff . Am I right?”

Feng Wu nodded .

“Wait —” Yu Mingye’s face lit up when he took another look at Feng Wu’s bag . “Let me have a look!”

Feng Wu handed him the bag .

“This… This can’t be…” Yu Mingye’s eyes widened . “Isn’t this the Grand Pure One’s infinity storage bag? Yes, it was his!”

Feng Wu asked, “Who’s the Grand Pure One?”

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Yu Mingye waved her off . “He was this super tough magical beast that took the shape of a human being . It almost cost Jun Linyuan his life to kill that mutated King Kong monkey . So, how did the bag end up in your hands?”

Feng Wu said, “He didn’t want it and I picked it up off the ground . ”

Yu Mingye stared at Feng Wu as if he was looking at an idiot . “You have no idea how valuable a storage bag like this is! It’s worth a small fortune… Scratch that . It’s worth more than a city! And you’re telling me that Jun Linyuan just threw it away and you just happened to be there to pick it up?”

Feng Wu nodded . “That’s exactly what happened . ”

Yu Mingye said, “I was there when Jun Linyuan fought the Grand Pure One and I can’t begin to tell you how many people wanted this thing . Someone actually wanted to trade a fortress for it, and Jun Linyuan wasn’t tempted at all . And he tossed it away just like that? And you became its new owner?”

Feng Wu insisted, “I’m telling you the truth . ”

“Not buying it!”

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Despite her casual tone, Feng Wu pondered Yu Mingye’s words .

If the bag was so precious that Jun Linyuan wouldn’t exchange it for a fortress, then why did he give it up and let her have it? Feng Wu was at a loss .

Was it some kind of trap?

Feng Wu examined the bag over and over again, but nothing seemed off .

However, this wasn’t the time to worry about that . Killing Flame was her top priority now!

“Hey, that King Kong monkey, what was its attribute?” Feng Wu asked Yu Mingye, caressing the bag .

Yu Mingye said, “It was fire . ”

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Feng Wu’s eyes lit up .

Good .

This bag would come in really handy .

Once the formation was set up, Feng Wu would need a core to make it work . As for what she would use —

“Hey, where did that bag go?” Yu Mingye couldn’t see it anywhere after Feng Wu put it away, and he was intrigued .

“It’ll be a key piece . You’ll see —”

Feng Wu had just finished putting everything in place when heavy footsteps came from outside!

“They’re here!”

Feng Wu led Yu Mingye into the formation and she took shelter behind a pile of snow . She cautioned Yu Mingye, “Did you memorize everything I told you?”

Yu Mingye said, “Don’t worry . You can always count on me . ”

Feng Wu rolled her eyes at him . “Since when?”

Yu Mingye didn’t know what to say .

Jun Linyuan rushed in as they were speaking, and he immediately sensed the difference .

A formation!

He had been here when he rescued Feng Wu earlier, and there was no formation . But now… it was little Feng Wu!

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