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Chapter 918
Chapter 918: Imminent Danger

In the end, Emperor Wu decided that Zuo Ming should try his method .

Countless people gathered in the square outside Imperial College and waited for Zuo Ming to work his magic .

In Proud Snowfield —

Feng Wu watched in bewilderment as Feng Xun walked away .

Confused, she turned to Xuan Yi . “What’s his problem?”

Of course she was confused . Feng Xun used to act like a hyperactive puppy around her, but he looked like he had been scared off by a ghost . He had practically run away .

Xuan Yi rubbed his chin . “I think… he’s having a hard time facing you . ”

“Facing me?” Feng Wu was even more confused . “What did he do? Why is facing me that scary?”

Xuan Yi rubbed his nose . “Well…”

Just then —

Buzz —

Everyone heard a buzzing sound, which they had heard once before!

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Everyone blanched!

Xuan Yi involuntarily reached out for Feng Wu, and he did the right thing!

A green tentacle was also trying to get to Feng Wu . If Xuan Yi hadn’t dragged her out of the way in time, she would have been snatched again!

“Frosty Night Beast!” Feng Wu cried out .

The next second!


The beast burst out of the snowy ground!


With one growl, it blew away half of the candidates in the campsite!

And it blew away the other half with a second growl .

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It then turned around and glared at Feng Wu .

There was a frenzied, furious look in its eyes!

Feng Wu then spotted a sword stuck in the Frosty Night Beast’s chest .

It was Jun Linyuan’s Sky Destroyer!

That was why she hadn’t seen Jun Linyuan’s sword earlier . It had pierced the beast’s heart .

But why wasn’t the beast dead?

Feng Wu realized that compared with the last time she saw it, the beast was now more powerful!

Just as the Frosty Night Beast smashed its front paw down at Feng Wu’s head —

A tall figure landed from above and stood in front of Feng Wu .

Feng Wu cried out, “It’s mutated! It’s enhanced itself!”

That was to say, the beast had become even stronger . No wonder Sky Destroyer hadn’t killed it; the beast was able to block the strike .

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Jun Linyuan gave off an intimidating air as he stood there .

He seemed untouchable .

The Frosty Night Beast made an eerie, triumphant sound!

The next second!

It leapt into the air!

Jun Linyuan pushed Feng Wu away, but he remained where he was .

He dropped to avoid the beast when it was almost onto him, and the next second, Sky Destroyer was back in his hand .

Whoosh —

As soon as the blade was drawn out, blood spurted out of the wound .

It splashed everywhere and painted the ground red .

The beast roared and charged at Jun Linyuan, and they both jumped into the air .

“Run!” Feng Wu knew what was coming, and she warned the others, “The fight will start an avalanche . Run or you’ll be killed!”

The candidates were already scared . They had seen what an avalanche could do .

They scattered as soon as they heard what Feng Wu said, and were soon out of sight .

Mu Yaoyao wanted to stay, but Yao Ying warned her, “You’ll be in danger if you stay here . Do you think His Royal Highness will save you?”

Reality check .

Mu Yaoyao felt as if she had been stabbed through the heart .

“But Feng Wu…”

“Can’t you tell by now?”

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