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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:18:29 PM
Chapter 917
Chapter 917: Oh, No!

“That is to say, Young Lord Feng hates Feng Wu now!” Mu Yaoyao cried out .

Many in the crowd thought the same .

“Young Lord Feng hates Feng Wu? What did Feng Wu do to deserve that?”

“Can’t you tell?!” Yao Ying, Mu Yaoyao’s minion, snorted . “You’ve all seen how frivolous Feng Wu is! She was all over His Royal Highness in the beginning, and when that didn’t work out, she moved on to Yu Mingye . I saw her going to His Royal Highness again just then . Of course Young Lord Feng would be mad!”

“How can Feng Wu do that?!”

“Young Lord Feng has every right to be mad . ”

Mu Yaoyao smirked . “She used to have Feng Xun to back her up, but now… Heh . Both His Royal Highness and Yu Mingye have stopped talking to her . I’d like to see who she can turn to now that she’s lost Young Lord Feng’s support!”

In the outside world —

Zuo Ming, the head of the Zuo clan, had requested to try and reconnect Imperial College with Proud Snowfield .

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What was more, the Zuo clan had a plan of their own . The news already spread before Zuo Ming came to court .

“Your Majesty —” Master Bai whispered in Emperor Wu’s ear, “the families of the candidates are petitioning outside . They’re all kneeling outside the city gates, begging for Master Zuo to try his method . ”

Emperor Wu’s face turned livid .

“Your Majesty!” The empress dowager stared at Emperor Wu . “The crown prince is still trapped inside! Aren’t you worried about his safety?!”

She also wanted Zuo Ming to have a go .

“Your Majesty —”

Empress Dugu was on their side as well .

Emperor Wu suddenly recalled the day Feng Wu killed Zuo He .

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After killing Zuo He, the girl said decisively that the Zuo family was responsible for destroying her True Phoenix Blood back then .

Emperor Wu wasn’t fully convinced then, but now when he saw how aggressive the family was, plus the fact that even his wife was on their side…

“Fang, what do you think?”

Emperor Wu tossed the ball to Grand Secretary Fang .

Grand Secretary Fang said with a straight face, “I have faith in Your Majesty and His Royal Highness . ”

Emperor Wu nodded . He then turned to the empress dowager . “Mother, do you have faith in the crown prince?”

The empress dowager gritted her teeth . Of course she had faith in the boy! Her Baby Jun was the best! He was a genius and he was invincible . She was so worried about him, but —

“Does Your Majesty think it’s unnecessary to try?”

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Emperor Wu nodded . “I believe in my son . ”

The empress dowager grunted . “I do, too, but I’m still worried about his safety .

“Will the crown prince be affected by the process of reconnecting Imperial College to Proud Snowfield?”

“No, he won’t . ”

“If that’s the case, why don’t we let Zuo try?” The empress dowager snorted . “Imperial College is supposed to be led by the most capable man . If Grand Secretary Fang isn’t the right person, we should find a more suitable man . ”

Emperor Wu frowned .

The empress dowager then led him to one side . “He’s Zuo Qingluan’s father!”

Emperor Wu looked at his mother in bewilderment .

“He’s the crown prince’s future father-in-law!”

Emperor Wu narrowed his eyes . “The crown prince doesn’t have to…”

His mother snorted . “Only a True Phoenix like Zuo Qingluan is good enough for the crown prince! No one but her will have my blessing!”

Emperor Wu didn’t know what to say .

“I shouldn’t meddle in politics, but I will have my say on his marriage!” The empress dowager smacked the table .

Emperor Wu found her troublesome . “Zuo Qingluan can wait . I guess it won’t harm anyone to let Zuo Ming try his method . ”

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