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Chapter 919
Chapter 919: Even Jun Linyuan Isn’t Its Match?

Yao Ying took a deep breath . A bystander saw everything . “Someone will come to her rescue . They always do . ”

It could be His Royal Highness, Yu Mingye, Xuan Yi, or Feng Xun… Someone was always there for Feng Wu .

As much as she hated to admit it, Mu Yaoyao couldn’t retort .

“Slut!” Mu Yaoyao cursed under her breath, then hurried off .

“You, leave us . ” Xuan Yi gave Feng Wu a little nudge, then rushed over to help Jun Linyuan .

Feng Xun also showed up out of nowhere . He ignored Feng Wu and ran to fight alongside Jun Linyuan as well .

Feng Wu shook her head . That wouldn’t do .

That beast was so emboldened because it knew that it had poisoned Jun Linyuan! He had been forcing himself to act normally!

Feng Wu looked up .

Before the beast, Jun Linyuan looked so towering and invincible!

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He really should be lying down and resting now .

With every bit of spiritual essence he summoned, the toxin that had yet to clear from his system would move a little bit closer to his heart, bringing him one step closer to death!

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched!

She couldn’t wait anymore!


Feng Xun was smashed to the ground by the beast, and the impact created a pit in the snow .

A pit? An idea struck Feng Wu all of a sudden!


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Feng Wu pulled Feng Xun out of the pit, but Feng Xun brushed her hand off as if she were a venomous snake!

That was so strange .

Feng Wu smacked Feng Xun on the head . “I don’t care what this is all about, but our lives are hanging in the balance now, and you have to listen to me!”

Feng Xun stared at her reluctantly .

Feng Wu whispered, “Tell Jun Linyuan to lure that beast to the cave where I was saved before . You know, the one where those Qilin Beasts were!”

Feng Xun only snorted before he jumped back into the fight .

Feng Wu frowned . Did the guy hear her or not?

“No, he didn’t,” Yu Mingye answered for her .

Feng Wu tugged at his sleeve . “Give me a hand . ”

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She then ran toward that cave as fast as she could .

Yu Mingye had planned to give Feng Wu some attitude, but he gave in as soon as Feng Wu touched his sleeve .

“What are we doing?” Yu Mingye asked curiously .

“I need to set up a formation,” said Feng Wu hastily . “Jun Linyuan is still injured and he’s weak from the poison before . That Frosty Night Beast has gone berserk . He won’t be its match . ”

“He won’t?!” Yu Mingye was thrilled to hear that!

Feng Wu smacked him on the head . “Stop grinning! That beast holds a grudge against all of us, and no one will be able to fend it off if Jun Linyuan falls . We’ll all be killed!”

“That serious?” Yu Mingye’s eyes widened .

“That serious!” Feng Wu took a deep breath . “Jun Linyuan is our only hope, and we’ll all die miserable deaths if he’s gone . We have to kill that beast!”


“I’ll go set up a formation and we’ll trap the beast after they lure it here,” Feng Wu explained .

Yu Mingye asked, “But will Feng Xun tell Jun Linyuan what you just said?”

Feng Wu shook her head . “I have no idea what’s going on with that stupid man . ”

They got to the cave in no time .

Feng Wu started working on the formation immediately .

“What formation do you have in mind?” Yu Mingye asked curiously .

“Killing Flame!” Feng Wu smirked . “That Frosty Night Beast was born and raised in the coldest part of the continent . ”

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