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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:18:33 PM
Chapter 916
Chapter 916: Feng Xun, What’s Wrong with You?

Feng Wu stared at Jun Linyuan in bewilderment .

Meanwhile, Jun Linyuan tossed the warm towel into Feng Wu’s lap . “Wipe your hands!”

Feng Wu said, “But they’re clean . ”

Jumping off the bed, Jun Linyuan marched toward Feng Wu . He then began to carelessly wipe her face .

Meanwhile, Feng Xun —

“Feng Xun, Feng Xun!” Xuan Yi finally caught up with Feng Xun, who was standing in front of a cliff . Xuan Yi smiled wryly . “I see you’ve figured it out . ”

Feng Xun clenched his fists so hard that blue veins popped on the back of his hands .

“When did you find out?” Feng Xun stared at Xuan Yi!

“Not long, less than a month ago . ”

“Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“I didn’t?” Xuan Yi looked perfectly innocent . “I tried, more than a few times . Think about it . ”

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Feng Xun was speechless .

His head was a mess and he couldn’t think straight .

But he began to recall what Xuan Yi told him .

Xuan Yi really had reminded him, more than once, but he only laughed at his friend in turn, saying that the guy was imagining things . As it turned out… Feng Xun realized that he couldn’t have been more wrong .

“May I ask, how do you feel right now?” Xuan Yi was still teasing Feng Xun .

How did he feel? Feng Xun scratched his head .

He felt conflicted .

He was shocked, angry, regretful, sad, conflicted, and ashamed… It was so overwhelming that Feng Xun couldn’t think straight .

“Xuan Yi! I’m gonna kill you! Ahhh —”

Before Xuan Yi could react, Feng Xun charged at him and threw a punch at Xuan Yi .

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Xuan Yi knew that Feng Xun needed to vent his frustration now, or the guy would explode .

“Bring it on!” Xuan Yi calmly accepted the challenge .

The wind that was kicked up blew snow off the ground, and blades glinted in the sunlight .

The fight was so unexpected that everyone in the campsite was bewildered and flustered .

Mu Yaoyao was still crying her eyes out when —

Everyone rushed out .

“Young Lord Feng and Young Lord Xuan are fighting!”

“Oh god, why?!”

“It’s for real!”

“Young Lord Feng just got kicked away!”

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“And he’s back on his feet!”

Everyone had heard the noise, and Feng Wu was no exception . She rushed out of the cabin .


Seeing how fiercely the two of them were fighting, Feng Wu cried out .

By then, Xuan Yi and Feng Xun were pretty much done, and Feng Xun had bruises all over his face…

Naturally, Feng Wu ran toward Feng Xun first .


Feng Xun took a step back as soon as Feng Wu opened her mouth .

“Feng Xun, what’s wrong…”

Feng Wu took Feng Xun’s hand, but he threw it off immediately!

Feng Wu frowned .

But before she could say another word, Feng Xun cast a stern look at Feng Wu . “Don’t talk to me!”

After that, he walked away as quickly as he could, as if he was being chased by some monster!

That surprised the crowd .

“What’s going on?”

“Doesn’t Young Lord Feng care for Feng Wu a lot?”

“That’s right . He once said that Feng Wu was his friend, and that picking on Feng Wu would be the same as picking on him . ”

“But did you see the look he gave Feng Wu? It was as if he saw a ghost!”

Mu Yaoyao was ecstatic to hear that!

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