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Chapter 915
Chapter 915: What’s Wrong With Feng Xun?

“He deliberately made little Feng Wu stay behind for some quiet time alone . What do you think will happen if we intrude on them now?”

Feng Xun said, “He’ll be furious!”

Xuan Yi nodded . The next moment, he pushed Feng Xun toward the door and there was a loud bang!

The door wasn’t locked, so Feng Xun was shoved into the cabin .

Feng Wu was wiping Jun Linyuan’s hands at the moment .

According to the crown prince, he would get peevish when his hands were dirty, and when he was peevish, he didn’t feel like talking . When he didn’t feel like talking… All in all, he would end up not wanting to share the Frosty Night Beast’s spiritual essence with Feng Wu, and she would end up getting a zero in the exam .

Would Feng Wu be threatened by that?

She actually would…

Therefore, she prepared some warm water and a white towel, and right now, she was sitting on a rush cushion as she wiped the crown prince’s already pristine fingers one at a time .

Feng Xun barged in at that moment .

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And he couldn’t believe what he was seeing!

Wiping hands?

Jun Linyuan the neat freak would cut a person’s hand off if they dared to touch him . But now, he was having little Feng Wu clean his hands?!

Blood rushed into Feng Xun’s head and his mind went blank . He stood there dazed, as if he had just been struck by lightning .

Without Feng Wu realizing it, Jun Linyuan’s face darkened . He turned his sharp gaze on Feng Xun!

Feng Xun’s stomach lurched .

Boss Jun was pissed .

But since Feng Xun was here to test his theory, he might as well try everything .

Like usual, Feng Xun rushed over to Feng Wu’s side and began to push her toward the door . “What are you doing here, you silly girl? Are you waiting for Boss Jun to throw you out?!”

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That had always been Feng Xun’s strategy . He would get Feng Wu out of Boss Jun’s sight whenever he saw them together .

However, this time, Feng Xun was looking at Boss Jun out of the corner of his eye when he did so .

And his heart sank!

That was because —

Boss Jun’s face had turned livid and he looked like he wanted to kill Feng Xun .

Feng Xun was dumbfounded .

Everything was clear!

He saw it now… finally…

Sensing Feng Xun’s uneasiness, Feng Wu looked up . “Feng Xun, are you not feeling well?”

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She put her palm on Feng Xun’s smooth forehead to check his temperature, but couldn’t feel anything unusual . She then stood on tiptoe and touched Feng Xun’s forehead with her own .


A bedside table next to Jun Linyuan shattered into pieces!

And something clicked in Feng Xun’s head as well .

Involuntarily, he pushed Feng Wu away from him .

He used a little too much force in his panicked state, and it was only because of Xuan Yi that Feng Wu didn’t knock into the wall .

Instead of minding her own wellbeing, Feng Wu went up to Feng Xun in a hurry and took his hand . “Feng Xun, what’s wrong? Why are you sweating so badly? Are you not feeling well? Here, let me check your —”

However, Feng Xun drew back his hand abruptly before Feng Wu could finish her sentence .

Feng Wu stared at him in bewilderment . Had the man lost his mind?

Before Feng Wu could ask another question, Feng Xun ran for the door!

“Hey —”

Feng Wu was so confused . What was going on?

Xuan Yi smiled wryly . “I’ll look after him . ”

Feng Wu said, “It’s going to snow . Find him . He doesn’t seem right to me . ”

Xuan Yi shook his head . The news was too big for Feng Xun to digest . Of course he didn’t seem right .

Little Feng Wu was probably the last person Feng Xun wanted to face right now .

Xuan Yi gave Feng Wu a solemn nod, then rushed out .

“What’s wrong with Feng Xun?”

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