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Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Not Eating, I’m Not Eating Even If You Kill Me!

The people who were sitting down subconsciously knit their brows. The speed at which they used their chopsticks became increasingly quicker.

Jun Lin Yuan’s brows also couldn’t help but creased slightly.

Feng Xun, Xuan Yi, little Seventh Feng, Beautiful Mother……each hand was faster than the other!

Especially Beautiful Mother. Feng Wu already helped her refill two cups of water and changed three plates, yet her stomach actually still looked flat and slim. Don’t know where all the stuff she ate went.

Feng Yi Ran was constantly paying attention to Jun Lin Yuan.

Whichever dish Jun Lin Yuan picked food from, he would pick up food from the same dish.
Regardless at what speed or frequency Jun Lin Yuan was eating, he would immediately also follow suit.

Feng Yi Ran was thinking that

if he followed Crown Prince Jun’s pace closely, if he followed Crown Prince Jun’s example all the way through, Jun Lin Yuan would be able to see his sincerely for sure.

However……Jun Lin Yuan’s brows were creased more and more deeply as he clearly became a bit annoyed.

After Jun Lin Yuan picked up a piece of steamed beef, there was only one final piece left.

Jun Lin Yuan’s speed then accelerated a little, he originally was going to……

However, in the next moment, before he could pick up that last piece, Feng Yi Ran’s chopsticks followed closely behind and took away the last piece of steamed beef.

Jun Lin Yuan’s face immediately darkened!

Feng Yi Ran totally wasn’t aware of this as he stuffed the beef into his mouth while he praised. “Mm, the flavor of this steamed beef is pretty good, fresh,

fresh, flavorful, full-bodied, its aroma lingering on the lips and palate, making people forget its crudeness when eating it让人食之忘俗.”

While Feng Yi Ran was singing praises, he was also narrowing his eyes intoxicatedly.

Jun Lin Yuan’s profound eyes streaked over the half piece of steamed beef remaining in Feng Yi Ran’s bowl before he expressionlessly changed the direction of his gaze towards the piece of sweet and sour pork not far away.

Fairy Mu Yao and Feng Liu glanced at each other, as they laughed simultaneously.

Fairy Mu Yao proudly raised her chin. “These dishes looks so crude yet surprisingly, you guys are able to eat them? You guys really aren’t picky, but someone like me is quite picky.”

Feng Yi Ran called out to Fairy Mu Yao. “Mu Jun Zhu, these dishes look crude, but are somewhat special in some respects when they’re

when they’re eaten. Try it if you don’t believe me.”

While Feng Yi Ran was speaking, he was using his chopsticks to pick up a piece of sweet and sour pork from the plate right in front of him. He gave it to Fairy Mu Yao, who turned her back on it.

There were only two pieces left on that plate. One piece was given to Fairy Mu Yao……

In order to show that he also loved his sister, Feng Yi Ran then used his chopsticks to pick up the last piece of sweet and sour pork and placed it in Feng Liu’s bowl, enthusiastically calling out. “Sixth Sister, hurry and try this, a bit sour, a bit sweet, there’s actually a special taste.”

In order to show Jun Lin Yuan that he’s an older brother who took such good care of his younger of his younger sister, he completely didn’t notice that Jun Lin Yuan’s chopsticks had already extended halfway towards the sweet and sour pork dish……

Jun Lin Yuan’s face……was already so dark that black ink could drip from it.

In actuality——

When Mu Yao thought about Jun Lin Yuan sitting right in front of her, how could she eat this kind of greasy sweet and sour food? Moreover, it’s easy for that crude red color to stain the corners of her mouth and her teeth. Thus, Fairy Mu Yao said with notable aversion. “I won’t eat it even if I die. Don’t force me, Brother Feng!”

If Fairy Mu Yao could think of this point, how would Feng Liu not think of it?

Thus, she also immediately put aside her chopsticks and shook her head. “Not eating, I’m not eating even if you kill me!”

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