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Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Sparks Brought Lightning~~

Feng Xun’s so bad!

Once he said that, everyone who was present turned to look at Feng Wu strangely.

Feng Wu’s heart nearly collapsed as she rapidly released her hands and wanted to step back.

However, there was a chair behind her, so with a loud bang, Feng Wu’s foot kicked the leg of a chair. It hurt so much that tears came to her eyes. As if this wasn’t disastrous enough, what’s worse was that her body involuntarily collided forward——


Feng Wu’s head bumped into Jun Lin Yuan’s abs!

From other people’s viewpoint, this was clearly——

“Wah! Little Feng Wu, and you even said that you’re not throwing yourself into his arms? You untruthful girl!”

Feng Xun was throwing meat into his mouth while he watched this scene.

Feng Wu was so angry that her

face turned red as she hastily supported herself against Jun Lin Yuan’s powerful and strong waist, taking a step back without delay!

Jun Lin Yuan watched Feng Wu attentively from his high vantage point. His eyes were very deep, very bright, just like the myriad gloriously bright stars.

Feng Wu’s gaze met Jun Lin Yuan’s, caught off guard. Sparks brought lightning~~

The two people subconsciously turned their faces away!

For a time, the situation……was somewhat awkward.

“Cough cough.” Jun Lin Yuan’s right hand curled into a fist as he coughed gently. He clenched his fist and returned to his original position.

A piece of meat remained unchewed in Feng Xun’s mouth, his cheek bulging. Just like that, he watched dazedly as Jun Lin Yuan returned, then muttered. “Boss Jun……he’s just going to let himself get hugged for free like

like that?”

Feng Wu dumbfoundedly held onto her forehead and emphasized to Feng Xun. “It, really, was, an, accident!”

Feng Xun’s pair of handsome eyes blinked and replied. “Accident? Heh heh, then does this accident of yours happen frequently? I really want to know……”

Feng Wu didn’t answer as she directly picked up the dish in front of Feng Xun. “Your mouth’s unable to stop even when eating, so don’t bother eating anymore.”

Feng Xun’s hands immediately anxiously protected the food in front of him. “Don’t don’t don’t! Little Great Aunt, I was wrong, is that ok? Right right right, it was accidental, everything was just an accident, you didn’t deliberately get close to Boss Jun. You didn’t create an accident on purpose. You don’t like our Boss Jun, is that alright now?”

Feng Wu. “…….”

Why was it that

it that after Feng Xun said these things, it seemed to only make things worse? It was clearly an accident!

“Humph!” This group of chowhounds almost caused Fairy Mu Yao to die of anger.

Could Feng Xun have a bit more of a moral backbone! As the Feng Prince’s Mansion’s most respected young prince, what kind of good food had he not eaten before? Yet he surprisingly became hypnotized by these few dishes of spicy, chili oiled food?

Even Jun Lin Yuan also unexpectedly lifted his chopsticks to pick up food. What happened to the healthy foods they mentioned before?

Feng Yi Ran’s line of sight had always remained on Jun Lin Yuan. When he saw Jun Lin Yuan pick up a bright red piece of meat, then knit his brow as he picked up a second piece……he knew second piece……he knew that Jun Lin Yuan’s not leaving for the time being.

At once, Feng Yi Ran raised his hand to call out. “Alright, alright, everybody’s hungry, let’s sit down and eat first. It’s not too late to say what we need to say after everybody’s finished eating.”

After speaking, Feng Yi Ran then sat down next to Jun Lin Yuan on his own accord.

Feng Yi Ran felt excited because an opportunity to sit next to Jun Lin Yuan like this was incredibly rare!

It was easiest to relax around a table full of food and drinks, as well as easier to decrease the distance between one another. Therefore……he must take hold of the opportunity this time.

However, just as Feng Yi Ran was going to call out to Feng Liu and Fairy Mu Yao to sit down——

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