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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:20:20 PM
Chapter 896
Chapter 896: A Love Confession? (2)

“Is it an infinity storage bag?” Feng Wu asked Jun Linyuan in bewilderment .

Jun Linyuan snorted .

“It really is?” Feng Wu’s eyes twinkled . She would like to have one of her own!

That way, she would be able to conceal the fact that she had a ring space, which would make things much easier for her .

Jun Linyuan glanced at her, then gave her an indifferent nod .

“So, this is what an infinity storage bag looks like . ” Feng Wu only handed it back to Jun Linyuan after studying it carefully . “There . ”

Jun Linyuan frowned a little and stared at Feng Wu .

Feng Wu was bemused . “Isn’t it yours? Put it away . ”

Jun Linyuan found Feng Wu unbelievable .

“No . ” He crossed his arms arrogantly .

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“What do you mean ‘no’?”

“It’s dirty . ” He rolled his eyes at her .

Feng Wu raised the pouch and shook it in front of his face . “What do you mean it’s dirty?”

“You heard me . ”

Feng Wu ground her teeth . “Do you mean that it has dirt on it?”

Jun Linyuan only snorted, but said nothing .

Feng Wu gritted her teeth . “Jun Linyuan, you’re so wasteful . This is an infinity storage bag, not some makeshift pouch made by your maids . ”

“My maids don’t make makeshift pouches . ” No servant of his would dare be that careless .

Feng Wu snapped, “You’re not listening! This isn’t some common pouch, but an infinity storage bag! You’re going to throw it away because it has a little dirt on it?”

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Jun Linyuan said, “Yes . ”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes . ”

“You mean it . ”

“Yes . ”

“Fine! It’s mine now!”

Jun Linyuan glanced at Feng Wu . “Whatever . ”

Feng Wu grinned . She was over the moon .

To Jun Linyuan, this was just a storage bag that he wouldn’t think twice about throwing away . However, it was a treasure to her .

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She sent a streak of spiritual essence into the bag .


She saw that it was quite a spacious one . The area inside was at least a few square meters wide .

And it wasn’t empty . A shelf of books stood in one corner, and Feng Wu’s eyes lit up after a quick glance .

Holy shit! The books were what she needed for Imperial College in the next few years!

But she didn’t linger long, in case Jun Linyuan noticed what he had left behind .

“Is the bag empty?” she asked deliberately .

Jun Linyuan said, “I don’t know . ”


“Do whatever you want with it . ” He didn’t seem to mind at all .

Feng Wu grinned . This was wonderful!

With that shelf of books, she would be able to teach herself for the next few years in Imperial College, for she had also noticed that those books still had Jun Linyuan’s notes in them .

While Feng Wu was secretly celebrating this, Jun Linyuan was also smiling at an angle that she couldn’t see .

All was perfect when —

“Watch out —”

Jun Linyuan yanked Feng Wu back . The next second, he was out of sight!

Feng Wu shuddered inwardly . A formidable power she had never experienced before was charging at her from below!

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