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Published at 18th of October 2020 11:28:26 AM
Chapter 895: A Love Confession?
Chapter 895: A Love Confession? (1)

That night, a pair of teenagers sat against the wall in front of the dancing flames . Their beautiful faces glowed in the warm light .

They looked as pretty as a picture . All was harmonious and peaceful and one could almost see pink bubbles in the air .

Warmed up by the fire, Feng Wu began to doze off .

She nodded like a chicken pecking at grain .

Seeing this, Jun Linyuan shook his head and gently pressed her head to his shoulder as he mumbled, “Troublesome woman . ”

The girl had to be asleep . Otherwise, she would have jumped to her feet at the retort, protesting his comment .

At the thought of the girl yelling at him with her hands on her waist, Jun Linyuan shook his head with a wry smile .

He was baffled when he saw his reflection in the ice .

He was grinning like a goofball .

Jun Linyuan, the person capable of shaking the empire with his anger, was smiling at the girl like a fool .

What was more, he could think of nothing but the girl .

He was obsessed with her smile, her voice, her movements, her… everything .

The unusual feeling was both intoxicating and dangerous .

Turning his head, Jun Linyuan saw how her eyelashes cast shadows on her face . His eyes flickered .

The girl gave him insomnia last night after sneaking into his room to kiss him in the middle of the night .

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Tonight, with her head on his shoulder, he was wide awake again .

Was Xuan Yi right? Jun Linyuan considered the possibility that he was in love with this girl .

Could he actually have fallen for a cripple? A good-for-nothing who would die in a few decades? The crown prince shook his head .

Despite his high IQ, Jun Linyuan was useless when it came to relationships . He sat there in a daze until the sky outside began to brighten .

Seeing Feng Wu’s long eyelashes flutter, Jun Linyuan pushed Feng Wu away from him .


Feng Wu’s head bumped into a wall .

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That woke her up completely .

Seeing the dent she made in the snow wall, Feng Wu was baffled .

Rubbing her forehead, she looked up at Jun Linyuan in confusion . “Did I do that?”

Seeing Feng Wu’s swollen forehead, Jun Linyuan felt a little guilty, but he only raised his chin . “It wasn’t me . ”

Feng Wu pouted, but couldn’t think of any other possibility . She still mumbled in bewilderment, “I think someone shoved me into that wall when I was still asleep . ”

Jun Linyuan coughed into his fist .

“Your Royal Highness, have you caught a cold?” Feng Wu asked immediately .

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Jun Linyuan had to be alright . She needed him to keep her safe while that Frosty Night Beast was still lurking somewhere .

The crown prince enjoyed the concern in the girl’s voice, but still kept his face straight .

He only darted Feng Wu a glance without another word .

“Hey, what’s this?” Feng Wu then picked up something on the ground and studied it .

It was no common pouch .

Instead of cloth, it was made from some special material .

Feng Wu could even sense a faint fluctuation of energy from it .

“Is it an infinity storage bag?” Feng Wu asked Jun Linyuan in bewilderment .

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