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Chapter 897
Chapter 897: A Love Confession? (3)


Jun Linyuan shouted at Feng Wu .

Feng Wu knew that at her current level, she would only be a burden to Jun Linyuan if she stayed here, not to mention that she was still injured .

Without hesitation, Feng Wu ran in the other direction as fast as she could!

She would look over her shoulder from time to time .

Jun Linyuan was already exchanging blows with the Frosty Night Beast in midair .

After a night of rest, the Frosty Night Beast was back to its normal state . Feng Wu even thought that it looked more powerful than before!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Sounds of the fight rang out incessantly behind her .

They echoed in the snowy mountains .

Feng Wu ran down the slope .

She had realized that the fight might start another avalanche . When that happened, she might really be buried this time!

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This had to be one of Feng Wu’s most unlucky days . The moment she thought about the avalanche, she heard a crack from a nearby peak .

Feng Wu turned around and was dumbfounded!

An avalanche!

It was really happening!

Her worst fear had just come true!

In midair, Jun Linyuan and the beast continued their deadly battle .

Wind blew snow into the air, blurring Feng Wu’s sight . She was worried about Jun Linyuan… That blood she saw yesterday didn’t seem right .

But there was no time for her to worry about other people .

Run, run, run!

If she stayed here, she would be a burden to Jun Linyuan!

Run, run, run!

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Feng Wu ran for her life like there was no tomorrow .

The avalanche was rushing down in her direction . She would be devoured if she didn’t hurry up .


The snow was coming at too tremendous a speed for her to get away!

It started off 10km away from her .

But before she realized it, it was catching up to her!




Feng Wu looked over her shoulder again and saw that the snow was coming at her like a crashing wave! It was as if an ocean was pouring over her head!

The wave of snow rose to what seemed like a thousand meters . It was a shocking scene!

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She would be a hundred meters underground if the snow got her!

Feng Wu knew she wouldn’t be able to get out when that happened . She would suffocate .

Death was on her heels!

500m —

300m —

100m —

Feng Wu didn’t need to turn around to know that the snow was about to hit her in the back .

She couldn’t do it anymore!

Feng Wu was overwhelmed with despair!

She couldn’t run any faster .

She was going to be buried!

She would never be able to get out!

However, her mind spun faster in this moment of crisis .

“Little Phoenix!”

At that critical moment, Feng Wu summoned Little Phoenix .

The bird was from her master and was meant to be her ride . It was still too little for that job, but —

“Teleport us! As high as you can!”

Before Little Phoenix realized what was going on, Feng Wu had cried out her order .

Startled, Little Phoenix did as told before it could even think .

Feng Wu caught the bird by the talons just before it acted, and she was teleported along with it .

1km was Little Phoenix’s limit . With Feng Wu and the upward direction, it only made it 500m .

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