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Chapter 894
Chapter 894: Where’s Your Integrity?

“But Boss Jun doesn’t like Xiao Wu . ” Feng Xun was dispirited and he sounded disturbed when he said, “Will he find Xiao Wu too much trouble and refuse to save her?”

Xuan Yi’s mouth fell open .

Feng Xun went on . “Do you remember that ugly girl in Northern Border City? Boss Jun turned a blind eye to her and left her to fend for herself . To Boss Jun, little Feng Wu is no different to that ugly girl . They’re just strangers to him . ”

Feng Xun could never have imagined that Feng Wu the “stranger” had just shouted at Jun Linyuan and called herself his “dear little sister . ”

His eyes would pop out if he heard those words!

Xuan Yi glanced at Feng Xun . “You’re overthinking it . ”

Feng Xun glared at Xuan Yi . “How is that overthinking? I’m worried sick here and you’re still making fun of me! I see . She’s not your sister . That’s why you don’t care!”

Xuan Yi rolled his eyes at Feng Xun .

Boss Jun worries about little Feng Wu ten times more than you do, okay? Saving her is going to be his top priority . He won’t let anything happen to her .

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Back in the snow house —

Feng Wu was practically on top of Jun Linyuan . “Brother Jun~ my dear Brother Jun~”

Jun Linyuan seemed to have grown impatient . “Fine, fine . You can have it . ”

Elated, Feng Wu snatched the skewered meat and held it very tightly, fearing that Jun Linyuan would take it away .

She eyed the skewers in Jun Linyuan’s hands as she wolfed down her own .

“Brother Jun, please grill some more . ”

“You’re still hungry?”

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“Yes . Brother Jun, please grill some more for me . ”

“You’re still hungry?”

“Brother Jun, are you tired? Shall I massage your shoulders and legs?”

Feng Wu had put her own concoction on her wound . Together with the effect of the spectacular skewered meat, she was making a rapid recovery . She was already able to move freely .

“Don’t . ” Jun Linyuan cast a stern look at Feng Wu . “Stay where you are and don’t move!”

Feng Wu pouted . “…Alright . ”

She gave it some thought, then took out a small notebook and began to take notes .

Dos and Don’ts . Rule number one: Avoid all physical contact with His Royal Highness .

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Feng Wu drew five stars next to it, stressing its importance .

Feng Wu had decided that she would write down all the things she needed to watch out for when she was around Jun Linyuan . This way… maybe she wouldn’t set him off that often .

“What are you writing?”

The crown prince was intrigued .

And there weren’t many things in this world that could interest him .

But anything concerning Feng Wu was an exception, even the most trivial ones .

Feng Wu didn’t stop writing when she said, “I’m making notes . ”

“What notes?”

Feng Wu finished writing at that moment and put it away in her chest pocket . She then beamed at him . “Take a guess . ”

Jun Linyuan said proudly, “Not interested . ”

“Tch . Then you shouldn’t have asked . ” Resting her chin on her palms, Feng Wu swallowed when she saw the grilled meat turning in Jun Linyuan’s hands . She said, “I envy them . ”

Them? Jun Linyuan was at a loss .

“I mean Feng Xun and Xuan Yi . ” Feng Wu sighed with emotion . “As your best friends, they can have this sort of grilled meat all the time . I’m so envious . ”

Jun Linyuan rolled his eyes at her .

After hanging out with him all these years, Feng Xun and Xuan Yi had never tasted his cooking .

This was the first time he had ever cooked for anyone .

Although, the proud crown prince would never admit it . He only snorted, and didn’t reply .

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