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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:20:40 PM
Chapter 891
Chapter 891: What Happens in the Snowfield… (5)

She could easily make him angry!

Or happy!

Or moody!

Jun Linyuan’s heart skipped a bit and he bolted upright .

“Ahhh —”

Feng Wu had been sitting next to him and the momentum threw her off balance . She fell to the side .

But Jun Linyuan caught her in time .

“That hurts…”

Despite his quick reaction, Feng Wu still tilted over and stretched her wound .

“Ouch —” Feng Wu drew in her breath and tears welled up in her eyes .

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That hurt . Please don’t tell her that she had ripped her wound open again .

Feng Wu unwrapped the cape to check her shoulder blade .

“Good, there’s no blood . The wound’s fine . ” Feng Wu let out a breath of relief .

Seeing Feng Wu bare her shoulder without hesitation, Jun Linyuan frowned .

“Do you ever feel shy?” He stared at Feng Wu with conflicted feelings .

Her clothes had been torn and her shoulder was uncovered . No other girl would check her wound like that in front of a man .

But the girl did it as easily as breathing .

Feng Wu looked very innocent when she turned to Jun Linyuan in bewilderment . “It’s just my shoulder . Just think of it as a sleeveless top… Never mind . It’s no big deal . ”

No big deal?!

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Jun Linyuan stared at Feng Wu in disbelief .

“What’s wrong now…” Feng Wu’s heart sank .

He had been happier a moment ago, but that grim look was back on his face .

She felt like crying . She had never met a man more difficult to please than the crown prince here . His mood was so erratic that she never knew what he was thinking!

“As a young woman, you should have scruples . Do you hear me?!” Jun Linyuan glared at Feng Wu .

The thought of her behaving this way in front of other men made the teenager want to throttle her!

Feng Wu was utterly baffled . What did scruples have anything to do with this?

Luckily, Jun Linyuan hadn’t used the term “shameless,” otherwise Feng Wu would be the one flaring up .

“Do you hear me?!” Clutching Feng Wu’s wrist, Jun Linyuan stressed each word .

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His tone was too serious to be joking .

Feng Wu was dependent on him for the moment and she had to succumb to his lecture . “Yea, yea . I hear you . ”

She was hardly ever this obedient that Jun Linyuan was baffled for a moment .

“Jun Linyuan, I’m starving…”

Seeing that the crown prince had softened a little, Feng Wu took the opportunity . She tugged at Jun Linyuan’s sleeve and pouted .

And that soft voice…

“Fine, fine,” Jun Linyuan said impatiently . However, his moves were so gentle when he helped her sit down, as if he was handling a piece of fragile treasure .

Watching Jun Linyuan turn the meat over the fire with his slender fingers, Feng Wu was about to say something when Jun Linyuan began to take small bottles out of his sleeves .

They contained condiments like salt and seasoning powder .

He didn’t even try to hide them .

“Can they all fit in your sleeves?”

Moreover, the guy was a neat freak . How could he stand filling his sleeves with those things?

“They’re in my infinity storage bag . ” Jun Linyuan grunted .

Feng Wu was taken aback . “Shouldn’t you keep that a secret from me?”

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