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Chapter 890: 890
Chapter 890 What Happens in the Snowfield… 4

“Are you trying to kill yourself?!” Tossing a dead deer on the ground, Jun Linyuan crouched down and wiped the blood off the wall .

Feng Wu looked up Jun Linyuan and she sounded concerned when she asked, “Are you injured?”

Jun Linyuan snorted . “Like that’s news to you . I fight, I get injured . ”

Feng Wu said, “But according to Feng Xun, you never fight . You only beat people up . ”

Jun Linyuan rolled his eyes . “Heh . ”

Feng Wu asked in an earnest tone, “Do you feel unwell?”

Crouching down, Jun Linyuan looked into her eyes . She couldn’t decipher the look on his face .

“Is this your way of showing your concern for me?”

Concern? Feng Wu didn’t think she was concerned for him .

“I’m already injured and you’re all that I can count on . I’ll be helpless if you’re down,” Feng Wu said honestly .

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Then, to Feng Wu’s surprise, Jun Linyuan’s face turned livid .

His eyes seemed to spit fire, which could burn her to ash!

Involuntarily, Feng Wu flinched and inched back .

Taking a deep breath, Jun Linyuan turned away and kicked the dead deer, which had already been drained of blood .

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

She watched Jun Linyuan in resignation .

Why was this man so moody and unpredictable? He was so hard to please .

However, the last thing Feng Wu wanted to do now was upset Jun Linyuan . Getting to her feet on her own, Feng Wu said, “Leave the deer alone . I’ll take care of it… I’m starving . ”

But Jun Linyuan ignored her . He lit a fire, cut up the deer, and concentrated on grilling the meat .

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He absorbed himself in the work with a livid face and tense muscles . The air he gave off was colder than the wind .

Why did Feng Wu get the feeling that he was doing this out of spite?

Like when a kid was mad and wouldn’t talk about it .

Was she overthinking it?

“Jun Linyuan?” Feng Wu tentatively called his name .

Jun Linyuan turned his back on her .

Supporting herself on the wall, Feng Wu moved to his side . “Your Royal Highness…”

Jun Linyuan turned in the other direction, still facing away from her .

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

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So, he was really mad, like in a childish way? Seriously?

“Hey, Jun Linyuan, are you mad at me?” Feng Wu tugged at Jun Linyuan and said in a pleading voice .

Instinctively, Jun Linyuan wanted to throw off her hand, but he stiffened when he recalled her wounds and her pale face .

“We’re all alone here . It’ll be so boring if you won’t even talk to me . Right?” Feng Wu sat down next to Jun Linyuan . She stared at the fire for a moment before beaming at Jun Linyuan . “Right?”

Jun Linyuan snorted and went back to grilling the meat .

“Jun Linyuan, let’s talk . Shall we?” Feng Wu sounded weak because of her injury and her tiny voice made Jun Linyuan feel sorry for her .

However, Jun Linyuan only threw a dirty look at her and kept his silence .

“I know you’re angry,” Feng Wu said in an innocent voice as she stared at the handsome teenager, whose face glowed in the heat . “But I just don’t get it . Why are you angry and what are you angry at? Can you please tell me? I’ll try my best not to do it again . Okay?”

The girl looked so adorable when she spoke in a soft voice like this…

Jun Linyuan felt as if someone was stroking his chest with a brush, and he almost gave in .


On second thought, the crown prince realized a much more serious issue .

She was able to affect his emotions!

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