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Chapter 892
Chapter 892: What Happens in the Snowfield… (6)

“What secret?”

“Your storage bag . If other people find out about such a treasure…”

“So what if they know?” Jun Linyuan was bewildered .

“They may try to… Forget it . ” Feng Wu finally remembered who she was talking to . What sort of question was that? It was Jun Linyuan she was talking about here!

Those who tried to rob him would have to have a death wish .

An idea struck her when she looked at the storage bag .

She couldn’t use her ring space as freely as she wanted, for it was too precious . But, if she could find an infinity storage bag like this, she could use it as a cover for her ring space .

Feng Wu’s face lit up . “Is this kind of storage bag very hard to come by?”

Darting a look at Feng Wu, Jun Linyuan ignored her question .

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Feng Wu rubbed her nose . Fine . That was a silly question .

“If I want to have one of my own… What’s the easiest way to get one?” Feng Wu chose her words more carefully this time .

Jun Linyuan said, “Dreaming . ”

Feng Wu snapped, “Jun Linyuan, what’s that supposed to mean?!”

Jun Linyuan said matter-of-factly, “You heard me . ”

That set Feng Wu off . “You!”

She grunted, turned the other way, and crossed her arms . “I’m not talking to you!”

Jun Linyuan then handed her some skewed venison .

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She had no idea how Jun Linyuan did it, but the grilled meat smelled amazing . The aroma made her mouth water .

“Hmph! I’m not eating it!” Still crossing her arms, Feng Wu raised her chin .

The next second, the meat disappeared from her sight .

Feng Wu turned around to see that all that was left of the meat was the skewer .

“Jun Linyuan, you —” He wouldn’t even try to coax her!

He then handed her a second skewer with meat on it .

Feng Wu thought about assuming airs, but she realized that not only wouldn’t Jun Linyuan try to persuade her, he would also eat the meat himself . Hence, she forgot about her little pride and took the skewer .

One bite and Feng Wu’s eyes widened .

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It was so delicious!

The taste was mellow and well-rounded . The meat had the perfect tenderness and it was so juicy that it melted on the tongue… It was superb!

Of all the grilled meat she had tasted, this was the first time that Feng Wu wanted to shed tears of joy .

Feng Wu barely chewed the meat before swallowing it, then eyed Jun Linyuan eagerly .

The crown prince worked on one skewer at a time, instead of grilling a handful altogether, which was the common practice . However, he was quite efficient, and could grill one skewer per minute .

As Feng Wu watched, she began to see how Jun Linyuan was able to do it .

No wonder it tasted so good . Jun Linyuan had been grilling the meat with his own abnormal flame, which he had learned to control perfectly .

He was able to split the flame into tiny streaks and cook the meat from within so that the fat melted . That was why it was so juicy!

No one but Jun Linyuan could grill like this!

Feng Wu stared at the skewer in Jun Linyuan’s hand so hard that her eyes popped . However —

Before she could react, the crown prince had eaten the whole thing .

“Ah! My meat!” Feng Wu felt like crying when she saw the bare skewer .

Tugging at Jun Linyuan’s arm, she cried out, “My meat! My meat! My meat!”

Was that just meat?

No, it wasn’t!

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