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Published at 22nd of July 2020 03:50:09 PM
Chapter 889: 889
Chapter 889 What Happens in the Snowfield… 3

Darting another look at Jun Linyuan, Feng Wu drew back her hand .

She ground her teeth and gave Jun Linyuan an aggrieved look .

Jun Linyuan also regretted scolding her, but he was too proud to apologize . He only went on treating Feng Wu’s wound with a poker face .

For a moment, it was very quiet and… awkward .

“Thank you… for saving me . ” Feng Wu broke the silence .

Jun Linyuan darted a look at Feng Wu, but didn’t say anything .

“Can you tell me how the others are doing? Are they alive? Are they in a safe place? And Yu Mingye…”

The crown prince had softened a little, but his gaze sharpened again at the mention of that name!

He looked ferocious!

Feng Wu flinched .

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Stealing a glance at Jun Linyuan, Feng Wu murmured, “…And there you were, saying you’ve never considered him an equal match . Then don’t flare up whenever his name is mentioned . It’s like he killed your dad or something…”

The crown prince’s face was even grimmer .

Feng Wu gave in . “Fine, I won’t mention his name…”

She rubbed her nose . Since Jun Linyuan was obviously annoyed, she decided she wouldn’t ask and be rebuffed again .

The awkwardness set in once more .

Jun Linyuan rose to his feet all of a sudden and Feng Wu looked up as well .

“Are you trying to freeze to death?”

“No —” Feng Wu shook her head immediately .

There you go . The crown prince didn’t look at her when he began to cast a spell with his nimble fingers . Soon —

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Feng Wu had been sitting against a snow wall . With Jun Linyuan’s movements, three more walls rose up and converged above their heads to form a dome .

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

The guy had just built a solid snow house in under a minute? That was spectacular!

Feng Wu stared at the house in amazement .

She was still savoring the sculpture-like roof when Jun Linyuan turned to leave .

“Where are you going?!” Feng Wu cried out .

He had bandaged her up and built her a house; did he think he had done enough and was going to leave her here?

If this were any other day, Feng Wu would happily see the man off . However, that Frosty Night Beast was lurking somewhere; it would be able to turn Feng Wu into a pancake with a single strike!

She didn’t want to die!

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“I’m going hunting . ” He left after those words and was soon out of sight .

Well, he should be back soon, right?

Feng Wu wrapped the luxurious cape tightly around herself, leaving only her head poking out . Her eyes darted around cautiously .

The cape smelt like Jun Linyuan . It was cool, refreshing, and unique . To her surprise, she liked the scent .

With the cape around her, Feng Wu felt very safe .

That was strange…

Feng Wu frowned .

She thought she didn’t like Jun Linyuan . Why didn’t she find his smell repulsive?

Feng Wu’s eyes darted around .


Why was there blood on that wall?

She had been in the same place the whole time; there was no way her blood could have been smeared there .

And the two of them were the only people here…

“Shit!” Feng Wu smacked her forehead .

Jun Linyuan’s black robe had concealed his blood . It was his blood that had been transferred onto the white wall .

He was… injured?

And why did that blood have a hint of green to it?

Grinding her teeth at the pain from her wound, Feng Wu inched in that direction . She scraped a little blood off the wall and sniffed it .

That smell… Feng Wu had a bad feeling .

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