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Chapter 89: Untruthful Women Are Most Annoying!

Just at this time——

Jun Lin Yuan's quick, slender figure suddenly stood up. After that, he walked straight to Feng Wu.

His figure was tall, handsome, and energetic looking. That pair of eyes stared at Feng Wu from above as he stood before her, giving her a kind of oppressive feeling.

Their distance was very close, so close that there was some nervousness in Feng Wu's heart……

What in the world was Jun Lin Yuan thinking?

The people originally eating ravenously now simultaneously turned their heads and looked at Jun Lin Yuan with a blank gaze……

What did he want to say to Feng Wu?

But in the next second, Jun Lin Yuan's arms spread open. That pair of eyes hidden in depth focused on Feng Wu in a hawk like way. The light in his eyes was hidden, profoundly impenetrable.

Feng Wu subconsciously recoiled one step. "You……what do you want to do?"

Jun Lin Yuan's expression was cold, detached, and arrogant as his gaze fixed on Feng Wu. "Put it on."

Feng Wu looked at the bib in her hand. It was personally made by Beautiful Mother, but the design on it came from Feng Wu.

On the bright red bib was a chubby little yellow duck, both soft and cute, which suited her mother and sweet brother's personality very much. Feng Xun's personality also barely fit, however, Jun Lin Yuan……

Feng Wu raised her head, looked at that reserved, proud and pampered handsome face of Jun Lin Yuan's, then looked again at the cute, soft, adorable bib……surprisingly, Jun Lin Yuan wanted to put this on? There's nothing wrong with his brains, right?

There was clearly aversion expressed as Jun Lin Yuan looked at the bib, but he just stared at Feng Wu, just rigidly stared at Feng Wu.

"Fine fine fine, you're the one who wants to wear this, so you can't blame me for it." Feng Wu cleanly cast away any blame, after which she passed the bib to Jun Lin Yuan.

However, Jun Lin Yuan didn't take it. His voice was as ice-cold as before, attitude similarly arrogant, only speaking three words as if giving a command. "Put it on."

Feng Wu secretly clenched her fists. Doesn't this crown prince have hands? Asking others to serve him for a simple thing like putting on a bib?

But Feng Wu didn't have the nerve say these words out loud. Currently, her greatest desire was for Jun Lin Yuan and company to leave after they finish eating this meal, to go very far away, so that she could refine the Nine Reversal Spirit pill in peace.

Therefore, Feng Wu secretly swore and made a fist as she put on a humble appearance. She squeezed out a smile, curving her mouth and eyes. "Since Crown Prince Jun has commanded it, I dare not disobey."

Jun Lin Yuan stood bolt upright energetically. He was an entire one and a half head taller than Feng Wu. Therefore, she needed to stand on tiptoe in order to be able to tie the bib around him.

In order to save time, both of Feng Wu's hands quickly wrapped themselves around Jun Lin Yuan's powerful waist, then her hands nimbly tied a bow.

Jun Lin Yuan looked down and saw a small head, as if a small deer was nudging back and forth against his chest. He felt it to be somewhat cute. Moreover, a kind of desire also birthed, a kind of impulse to poke at this head.

And at this moment, Feng Xun was watching this scene before him.

From the angle that he was looking at, it seemed as if Feng Wu took the initiative to throw herself into Jun Lin Yuan's arms. Hence, Feng Xun clicked his tongue twice and said. "Little Feng Wu, and you still say that you don't like our Boss Jun? If you don't like him, why would you throw yourself into his arms? Tut tut, untruthful women are the most annoying!"

Feng Wu. "……"

She glared at Feng Xun, so angry she nearly charged at him!

In what way did she like Jun Lin Yuan? How did things become this way?

Thinking of this, Feng Wu shot a glance at Feng Xun displeasingly. "Am I not tying a knot at his waist? Is it not necessary to fasten it at the waist?"

Feng Xun replied in a righteous tone. "When you tied it at the waist for me earlier, you actually eagerly ran around behind me and took care of it in one second. But now, look at you ——"

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