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Chapter 88: Crown Prince Jun, Are You Also Joining?

Xuan Yi silently looked at the sky.

Not tasty? Not tasty yet your eyes hadn't looked away at all? Not tasty yet you're stuffing yourself?

What's most important of all was, if it wasn't tasty, you'd trick me into eating it for sure, right? Young Third Feng!

Even though Xun Yi was stiff and solemn, he was still a youngster after all. His curiosity couldn't help but be aroused. Thinking of how he previously also didn't say anything bad to Feng Wu, it was within reason that he consequently walked over there, taking a bib from Feng Wu's hand.

Feng Wu. "……"

Xuan Yi didn't even take a glance at Feng Wu as he found a seat next to Feng Xun and sat down. Picking up a pair of chopsticks, he then fished up a piece of elk meat from a pool of chili oil——


Xuan Yi's actions instantly froze!

So spicy!

So numbing!

Hot sweat abruptly emerged on his forehead. Glistening teardrops even floated in his eyes, so much so that even steam puffed out from inside his nose!

Feng Xun tricked him!

This was Xuan Yi's first thought. At once, he thought of throwing down his chopsticks and leaving, however——

After the first hot and numbing sensation passed, an unprecedented tasting experience occurred, which prevented Xuan Yi from standing up……what a strange sensation. Clearly, hot and numbing tears had all flowed out, yet he actually couldn't bear to cast the chopsticks aside. What the hell was going on?

Embracing a researcher's attitude, Xuan Yi grabbed a second piece, a third piece, a fourth piece……even he himself didn't realize that the speed at which he picked up food was actually getting faster and faster, faster and faster……until he finally was almost going shoulder to shoulder with Feng Xun.

Fairy Mu Yao became stupefied as she watched. "……" She must be mistaken?

Feng Xun saw Jun Lin Yuan standing with knitted brows and at once said. "Boss Jun, if you don't like it, how about you leave first? I guarantee that after we finish, we'll catch up to you immediately!"

Jun Lin Yuan's expression was already darkened, as dark as a pot, as gloomy as a black cloud, along with the ice-cold chill which emitted from his entire body……the temperature inside the whole house was reduced by quite a few degrees.

Feng Wu looked at Feng Xun, then looked at Jun Lin Yuan before politely calling out. "Crown Prince Jun, how about you also come for a taste?"

While Feng Xun picked up more meat, he also said carelessly. "Little Feng Wu, there's no need to ask, what kind of person is our Boss Jun? Yes, it's true I and Xuan Yi can eat the crude food you've cooked, but are these foods suitable for us to have Boss Jun eat? That would be blaspheming him!"

Jun Lin Yuan. "……"

That originally already dark enough expression, instantly darkened to the point… ink could almost drip from it.

Feng Wu. "……understood."

Feng Yi Ran glared at Feng Wu. "What kind of foods have you cooked, yet you still unapologetically called out to Crown Prince Jun? Do you want to die? !"

Having spoken thus, Feng Yi Ran nodded his head and bowed towards Jun Lin Yuan, respectfully and politely flattering him as he approached. "Crown Prince Jun, the resident cook is actually somewhat skillful, don't know if you'll follow me to the main hall——"

Just when everybody thought Jun Lin Yuan would turn around and leave, he just directly pushed Feng Yi Ran away and without warning, walked to the dining table and sat down. His entire body continued to emit cold air.

Feng Wu stroked her nose. Why did it seem to her that Crown Prince Jun was apparently throwing a temper, somewhat resembling little Seventh Feng's childishness when her little Seventh Feng threw a temper tantrum.

Wait, wrong wrong, who was Jun Lin Yuan? He's indeed an extraordinary presence whose anger could change the heavens, how could he be throwing a tantrum?

Wouldn't that be too ridiculous?

Feng Xun saw Jun Lin Yuan sitting down and also blanked out, following which he reacted and smilingly said to Jun Lin Yuan. "The flavors of this meat braised in white radish is a bit lighter, suitable for you."

But Feng Wu discovered——

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