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Published at 22nd of July 2020 11:20:04 AM
Chapter 888
Chapter 888 What Happens in the Snowfield… 2

“Huh? Right!” Feng Wu’s face lit up .

Face dark, Jun Linyuan crouched down in front of Feng Wu .

He reached out toward Feng Wu’s heart with his slender fingers .

Feng Wu reacted instinctively .

Covering her chest with both hands, she stared at Jun Linyuan, alarmed . “Excuse me?!”

The look on his face was indifferent . “You don’t want to be treated, then?”

“I… I can do it myself . ”

Jun Linyuan snorted . “The beast’s claws pierced all the way through from your shoulder blade . Are you going to treat that all by yourself?”

Feng Wu hesitated . “But…”

Darting an arrogant glance at Feng Wu’s chest, Jun Linyuan rose to his feet .

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“Are – are you leaving?” Feng Wu’s stomach lurched .

The guy kept silent .

Feng Wu sighed inwardly .

It seemed that Jun Linyuan had lost his patience… He had every right to . Right now, she was a burden, and one that wouldn’t leave him alone .

The more she thought about it, the more frustrated Feng Wu became .

Jun Linyuan looked over his shoulder to find the girl puffing out her cheeks . She seemed dispirited .

No man could stay unmoved when he was around such a girl…

The crown prince gave in .

He crouched down in front of her again . Only this time —

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Feng Wu’s shirt was torn open at the shoulder .

“Ah —” Feng Wu cried out in surprise, scrambled back until she was sitting against a snow wall, and stared at Jun Linyuan in fright .

The look on Jun Linyuan’s stunning face was very serious and his gaze was intense .

Fury filled his eyes when he saw the mangled wounds on her back!

It looked like his eyes were spitting fire!

Her skin was fairer than the first snow…

Looking into Jun Linyuan’s bright eyes, Feng Wu saw a mix of emotions in them . There was rage, sympathy, passion, enthusiasm, and many more that she couldn’t comprehend…

“Close your eyes!”

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Jun Linyuan took a cape out of nowhere and tossed it over Feng Wu’s head .

It was big enough to cover an entire person .

Feng Wu was freezing, so this was a timely gift .

Jun Linyuan was in fact a very decent man . He only tore open her shirt enough to reveal her wounds . So, Feng Wu quickly calmed down after the initial panic .

Jun Linyuan, on the other hand, was covered in sweat .

“Is it that warm?” Feng Wu looked at him in bewilderment .

They were so close that Feng Wu could count the beads of sweat on his smooth forehead .

Jun Linyuan still had that grim look on his face and he didn’t want to talk to her .

Feng Wu could even sense his hot breath on her skin .

“Your breath is so hot . Have you caught a cold?” Feng Wu was concerned and she felt Jun Linyuan’s forehead for his temperature .

Her cold fingers touched his hot skin…

Both shuddered involuntarily .

The crown prince ground his teeth . Didn’t the girl know how arousing this was?!

“Don’t touch me!” Jun Linyuan raised his voice, his tone aloof and emotionless .

Feng Wu pursed her lips .

She was only trying to be kind, but he only yelled at her in return… how frustrating .

Come to think of it, it was only natural for Jun Linyuan to hate her touch, for he had always found her repulsive . But she had only done it out of habit as a physician .

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