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Chapter 885: 885
885 Confrontation 1 Before Feng Xun could utter another word, Jun Linyuan had grabbed him by the throat . His grip was so tight that blue veins popped on the back of his hand!

His eyes were bloodshot red, so much so that he might be weeping blood!

His bellow was louder than the howling wind . “Where did you last see her?!”

“I can’t remember . She was just there…”

Jun Linyuan followed Feng Xun’s gaze and something fierce flickered in his eyes!

The next second!

Whoosh —

Jun Linyuan jabbed the tip of his sword into the ground!


Blood spurted out, splashing all over Feng Xun’s face .

Feng Xun was speechless . .

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Before he realized it, Jun Linyuan had disappeared from sight!

Back in the imperial capital —

In the imperial palace .

The empress dowager was throwing a tantrum when Master Bai came into the hall .

“Your Majesty, Zuo Ming, the head of the Zuo clan, begs for an audience . ”

Emperor Wu frowned a little .

The generation in charge of the Zuo clan consisted of two male descendents . The elder one was Zuo He, who had died at Feng Wu’s hands .

Zuo Ming, the younger of the brothers, was the more accomplished one . Hence, he was the head of the clan .

Why had he come here now?

“Bring him in . ”

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Zuo Ming walked into the hall to find that Emperor Wu wasn’t the only one there . The empress dowager and Grand Secretary Fang were both looking at him .

Zuo Ming’s eyes met Empress Dugu’s briefly and both looked away almost immediately .

They were cousins . However, most people didn’t know that they used to live in the same house when they were little, and had been very close ever since .

“Your Majesty —”

Emperor Wu nodded and gestured at him to stand up . “Zuo, you look shaken . What happened?”

Zuo Ming said, “Your Majesty, something’s wrong with Proud Snowfield . ”

Emperor Wu glanced at him . “I’ve been told . ”

Zuo Ming bowed again . “Your Majesty, Imperial College has lost contact with those in the snowfield . ”

Emperor Wu nodded again .

Zuo Ming darted a look at Grand Secretary Fang . “I wonder if Grand Secretary Fang has any suggestions on how to reestablish communications . ”

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Grand Secretary Fang frowned . He now knew why Zuo Ming had come here in person .

He was that man’s real target .

Grand Secretary Fang said quietly, “Not yet . ”

Zuo Ming smiled a little . “Your Majesty, I have an idea . ”

“Really?” Emperor Wu looked at Zuo Ming .

The empress dowager was elated!

She was worried sick about Jun Linyuan’s safety, and she wanted more than anything to see her grandson!

However, women weren’t supposed to be involved in politics and she couldn’t say anything . She only stared at Emperor Wu .

Emperor Wu showed no emotion on his face, and only said in an indifferent tone, “Zuo, do you have any suggestions?”

Zuo Ming said, “Your Majesty, I made some progress in my teleportation skills a few days ago, and I think I can be of help . ”

Emperor Wu’s eyes lit up .

Zuo Ming was an impressive cultivator to begin with . Now that he had made some progress, his teleportation skills could be very helpful .

Zuo Ming said proudly, “Only a handful of people in the Junwu Empire are more advanced than I am in teleportation skills, but I’m the only one here in court .

“Therefore, Your Majesty, I promise I’ll do my best if given the authority . ”

Zuo Ming knelt down and prostrated on the ground as he paid the highest respect by kowtowing .

Emperor Wu narrowed his eyes .

He looked from a pile of memorials on his desk to the aggressive Zuo Ming on the floor .

So, a lot of people wanted Grand Secretary Fang to lose his job .

If Zuo Ming let out this piece of information, the families of the candidates would lose control!

Grand Secretary Fang only smiled .

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