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Chapter 886: 886
Chapter 886 He and She

“Your Majesty, if Mr Zuo can reestablish communications, we should consider granting him the level of authority he needs . ”

Emperor Wu rolled his eyes at Grand Secretary Fang .

Easy for you to say . Once that was granted, it would be impossible to take away .

Moreover, even if he could, Grand Secretary Fang’s authority as the acting principal would be undermined, and Zuo Ming would gain popularity . Who should be named principal of Imperial College, then?

Grand Secretary Fang smiled . “I see that Mr Zuo is very confident . ”

A crooked smile appeared on Zuo Ming’s face, giving him a cunning look . “Naturally . ”

Grand Secretary Fang asked, “What if you can’t restore communications?”

Zuo Ming retorted, “Do you have any idea how many parents are eager for news from inside, or how many candidates’ lives are in danger? They may have a chance to be rescued now, but Mr Fang, you’re depriving them of that chance for some personal reason . Mr Fang, can you take full responsibility for the consequences?”

Zuo Ming was indeed as imposing as the father of Zuo Qingluan should be . He targeted Grand Secretary Fang, and his tone was relentless!

Grand Secretary Fang frowned a little .

He had an inkling that Zuo He, the previous acting principal, had been killed by Feng Wu . He even had a hunch that the Zuo family had something to do with the loss of Feng Wu’s cultivation ability back then .

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There was a grim look on Grand Secretary Fang’s face when he looked at Zuo Ming again .

Was the man here just for the position of principal?

Or, did he want something else? Grand Secretary Fang narrowed his eyes .

Meanwhile, in Proud Snowfield —

Feng Wu was woken up by the bitterly cold air .

She realized that she was lying on the ground, and the blazing sun above stung her eyes .

She could hear the sounds of fighting .

Turning her head, Feng Wu saw a snowy white magical beast with the head of a dragon and the body of a lion .

The Frosty Night Beast?! Hadn’t Jun Linyuan killed it already? She had even swallowed its internal elixir!

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This wasn’t right!

It then occurred to Feng Wu that the Frosty Night Beast could have several shadow forms . What Jun Linyuan killed was one of the shadows, not the actual beast itself .


Feng Wu saw Jun Linyuan and the beast fighting fiercely in midair .

Jun Linyuan’s blade glinted; both were attacking to kill!

Feng Wu wanted to sit up, but grimaced when she felt a sting in her chest . Looking down, she saw that the front of her clothes was smeared with blood, which looked rather frightening .

It hurt a lot —

Feng Wu drew in a breath .

She had a feeling that the bleeding had stopped, but her movement had torn open the wound, and the blood oozed out again…

It hurt…

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Feng Wu felt dizzy and almost fainted .

Her vision went dark . All of a sudden, she noticed a shadow moving her way, blocking out the sun .

Looking up, Feng Wu realized in astonishment that the Frosty Night Beast was charging at her at a tremendous speed!

Its claws were sharper than any blade!

Feng Wu knew what happened right away . The wound on her chest were from the claws of that Frosty Night Beast .

No wonder there was more than one cut!

That beast simply moved too fast!

Feng Wu didn’t have time to react!

But even if she did, she couldn’t escape either, for her movements were hampered by her injury .

The claws were less than 50cm from Feng Wu!


A sword came out of nowhere and hacked down at the beast’s claws!


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