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Chapter 884

884 His Royal Highness Likes You! 7

Poor Xuan Yi… He hardly ever poked his nose into other people’s business, but the people concerned kept misunderstanding each other . To say that he was mentally fatigued would be an understatement .

However, at that moment —


There was an ear-splitting rumbling sound!

Feng Wu and Feng Xun exchanged looks and saw fear on each other’s faces .


Their worst fear had just come true!

The next thing they knew, a thundering noise made the ground tremble!

And it was followed by the blast from a sound wave!

Even Feng Wu and Feng Xun almost lost their footing, not to mention the others .

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The impact of such an explosive sound on a snowfield —

Involuntarily, Feng Wu looked up at the mountains in the distance .

As expected, large quantities of snow were tumbling down the slope like a landslide!

From a distance, the rush of snow reminded one of a tidal wave!


“It’s an avalanche!”

Feng Wu and Feng Xun cried out in unison .

Both blanched .

The snow rushed in their direction with a tremendous force . It was beyond control .


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Feng Wu and Feng Xun cried out and both turned to run as fast as they could .

By then, the others in the campsite had also noticed what was going on .

“Run! Everybody, run! You’ll die if you’re buried in the snow!” Feng Xun shouted at the top of his voice .

He was never the responsible type, but their duty here was to keep these candidates safe .

“Everybody, run! Quickly!”

Feng Xun looked nervously at the avalanche a short distance away as he gave instructions to the candidates .

He had only turned his head for a minute or so, but by the time he realized it, Feng Wu was nowhere to be found .

“Feng Wu? Where’s Feng Wu?” Feng Xun panicked .

Xuan Yi was flustered when he heard Feng Xun shout her name . “What did you say? What happened to little Feng Wu? Where is she?”

Feng Xun was exasperated . “I have no idea! She was just here! I looked away for a second and she disappeared! She has no spiritual essence whatsoever; she’ll be killed if she gets buried!”

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Xuan Yi said, “Well, the snow is the last thing I’m worried about now – that Frosty Night Beast will gladly have her for a snack!”

Feng Xun was speechless .

Xuan Yi was as exasperated as he was!

Everyone else didn’t know about Jun Linyuan’s feelings, but Xuan Yi did . If anything happened to Feng Wu, there would be nothing left of this entire Proud Snowfield .

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi looked everywhere, but Feng Wu was nowhere to be found!

Where had that girl gone?

All the candidates had rushed out of hiding and were headed east .

“Feng Wu! Little Feng Wu! Feng — Wu —” The avalanche was almost upon them, but Feng Xun and Xuan Yi were still in the campsite!

Many candidates were worried sick .

Just then, a figure landed in front of Feng Xun and Xuan Yi .

He was obviously irritated .

“What are you still doing here?! Can’t you see the avalanche?! Get out of here!” the crown prince snapped .

Feng Xun couldn’t care less if the crown prince hated Feng Wu or not . He said in a hurry, “Boss Jun, help! I can’t find little Feng Wu anywhere! What should I do?!”

Little Feng Wu?

She was missing?

They were surrounded by rolling snow and a hubbub of noise… but all Jun Linyuan could hear was:

Little Feng Wu was missing…

“Boss Jun, is little Feng Wu going to die? Sob, she’s my only sister…”

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