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Chapter 881

881 His Royal Highness Likes You! 4

Jun Linyuan grabbed Feng Xun by the back of his collar .

Xuan Yi, who had been hiding behind a pile of snow, lost all courage and decided not to show his face after all .

Feng Xun cried out, “Boss Jun, Boss Jun, I don’t want to fight you! I admit defeat! I give up!”

“No, you’re not!”

“This isn’t a duel, but a one-sided thrashing! Please let me go! I don’t want to be your punching bag!”

“Fight me, then!” Jun Linyuan smirked .

He had to vent his rage, and anyone could be the target .

Not to mention that Feng Xun was little Feng Wu’s brother .

Shortly afterward, everyone heard Feng Xun screaming in the distance .

Feng Wu rushed to his rescue .

Seeing how Jun Linyuan was treating Feng Xun, Feng Wu lost her temper . She stood between the two guys and faced Jun Linyuan with her arms spread out!

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Jun Linyuan’s hand was smashing down in Feng Wu’s direction .


Everyone cried out in fear!

Feng Wu’s head would be split open if that fist landed on her head .

Did His Royal Highness hate Feng Wu that much?

Feng Wu was actually a nice person!

Feng Wu closed her eyes in fear .

The wind grazed against her cheek like a sharp razor!

For a moment there, Feng Wu thought she was going to die .

The fist was only a few centimeters from Feng Wu’s face now .

Holy shit!

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Many covered their eyes .

They couldn’t bring themselves to watch this anymore .

It was too frightening!

However, Jun Linyuan’s fist missed Feng Wu’s head by a millimeter at the last moment .

Ssss —

Feng Wu drew in her breath . She had really thought she was going to die!

Jun Linyuan paused and stared at Feng Wu with a brooding and fierce look in his eyes . He wouldn’t be challenged like this!

The air felt very heavy .

Many were worried about Feng Wu .

Someone said quietly, “Actually, Feng Wu is a really nice person…”

Once that was out, everyone began to gingerly speak their minds .

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“Your Royal Highness, Feng Wu’s really kind…”

“She taught us to hide in the snow caves . ”

“And she told us to keep warm with heated stones . ”


“Your Royal Highness, please forgive Feng Wu…” someone called out .

At those words, many dropped to their knees and called out, “Your Royal Highness, please forgive Feng Wu!”

Jun Linyuan was speechless .

He was so mad that he wanted to throttle the girl, but of course he couldn’t bring himself to do it . However, he didn’t expect her to be so popular .

Throwing a dirty look at Feng Wu, the crown prince stormed off .

Shi Xuan and the others were baffled .

They did it!

“Feng Wu, Feng Wu —” Everyone rushed to Feng Wu and gathered around her in bewilderment .

“What did you do? Why is His Royal Highness so mad?”

“That’s an understatement . He was going to kill Xiao Wu!”

“Well, all is fine now . Xiao Wu, I’d stay out of His Royal Highness’s way if I were you . You might get killed for no reason . Alright?”

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

“Well, Feng Wu, what was that all about?”

Feng Wu scratched her head . She couldn’t tell them that she had snuck into Jun Linyuan’s bedroom in the middle of the night, even if she had only been fulfilling her promise .

“I have no idea . ”

Feng Wu rubbed her head and put on an innocent look .

Recalling how unpredictable the crown prince was, everyone sighed in resignation . The guy was a mystery .

Poor little Feng Wu .

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