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Published at 20th of July 2020 02:55:18 PM
Chapter 882

882 His Royal Highness Likes You! 5

“Come over here —”

Feng Xun led Feng Wu to the back of the pile of snow . Xuan Yi tried to sneak off, but Feng Xun dragged him back .

The three of them were the only ones left in the clearing .

Because of the chilly wind, all three crouched down and formed a circle .

Feng Xun asked Feng Wu right away, “I didn’t want to ask you in front of all those people, but we’re alone now . My dear sister, what did you say to Boss Jun just then?”

Feng Wu looked the most innocent . “Nothing…”

Feng Xun snorted . “If that’s the case, why was Boss Jun so pissed?”

Feng Wu said, “He’s always pissed . ”

Feng Xun rubbed his nose . She was right .

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“But he was especially pissed this time! He even forced me into a duel!” Feng Xun had yet to recover from the shock . Patting his chest, he said, “Boss Jun did it once before . He dragged me into a duel last time for no reason, too . ”

Feng Wu frowned . “…My dear brother, I wouldn’t call ass-kicking a duel . ”

Feng Xun was almost in tears . “Can you at least try to be tactful about it? Although, you do have a point . Boss Jun never fights or duels, he only beats people up or kills them . ”

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

“I told him no, but you know what he told me? I was going to be his partner in training!” Feng Xun sounded frustrated . “You have to be an equal match to be a partner in training! Do you think that’s what I am? An equal match?”

Feng Wu rubbed her nose . “Not really…”

“You don’t say!” Feng Xun stomped his foot . “A partner in training for him is as good as a punching bag!”

Feng Wu and Xuan Yi nodded in unison .

Feng Xun darted an aggrieved glance at Xuan Yi . “Xuan the Second, why are you always so lucky?”

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Xuan Yi was confused . “Huh?”

Feng Xun said, “You just happened to hear the call of nature at that moment? We could at least have shared the beating if you were with me . ”

Xuan Yi rubbed his nose . “Well…”

Feng Wu and Xuan Yi exchanged looks .

They reached an agreement right away . No one was to talk about that bet!

Feng Wu looked at Feng Xun sympathetically . “Feng the Third, it must have been so hard keeping yourself alive when growing up with Jun Linyuan . ”

“It wasn’t always like this . Boss Jun is really, really angry this time!” Feng Xun shook his head .

“He’s really that pissed?”


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“Isn’t he always angry?”

“He’s not . His mind was wandering off just this morning . And not only was he absent-minded, he was even smiling a little . He was in a good mood,” Feng Xun said with a long face . He was so confused .

Xuan Yi gave Feng Xun a thumbs up in his head .

He then checked the look on Feng Wu’s face!

A girl as bright as little Feng Wu had to be able to see through His Royal Highness’s abnormal behavior right away .

However, to Xuan Yi’s disappointment —

Feng Wu frowned . “That’s strange . If that’s the case, he wasn’t angry this morning . ”

Feng Xun nodded .

“But wasn’t he all furious when he came to me just then?

“That’s right . ”

“Why was that?”

Exchanging looks, Feng Xun and Feng Wu said in unison, “He finds you (me) annoying!”

What a frustrating discovery…

Both Feng Wu and Feng Xun lowered their heads, looking defeated .

No! It wasn’t like that!

Next to them, Xuan Yi was exasperated .

Why were these two smart people behaving like a pair of idiots now? They were on the wrong track!

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