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Chapter 880

880 His Royal Highness Likes You! 3

Jun Linyuan’s gaze was sharper than a blade and he flushed when he said, “B- but you kissed me!”

Feng Wu waved her hand in a devil-may-care manner . “You know what? Just think of it as a mosquito bite or something . I don’t even care that much myself, so why should it bother a guy like you? It’s not like you’ve lost anything . ”

Jun Linyuan was infuriated!

Their lips had touched! How could she think so little of it?!

He was losing sleep over what happened, but she brushed it off just like that!

The crown prince was so mad that he couldn’t think straight . He forgot all his words . “Y- you Jezebel!”

Feng Wu had planned to coax the guy until he calmed down, but she snapped when she heard what Jun Linyuan said .

“What did you just call me?!” Feng Wu rested her hands on her waist . “Did you just shame my honor?!”

Jun Linyuan glared at Feng Wu, his face livid .

A bet? A joke? He had just been made fun of!

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He promptly turned to leave!

“Jun Linyuan! Stop right there! I need an explanation! Who gave you the right to call me that?!”

Feng Wu yelled after Jun Linyuan, but the guy had disappeared into the distance .

She stomped her foot in frustration .

It was only supposed to be a joke! She lost the bet and she had to honor her word! That was why she kissed him! What did shame have anything to do with it?

What a bummer!

Meanwhile, the crown prince —

He looked like he was surrounded by the coldest air .

Wherever he went, everything in his way froze instantly .

When he walked past Xuan Yi and Feng Xun —

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Feng Xun was flustered!

“Where’s my sister? Boss Jun, where’s my sister?” Feng Xun looked behind Jun Linyuan, but didn’t find Feng Wu anywhere . He panicked!

Jun Linyuan had a murderous look in his eyes .

And he was staring at Xuan Yi .

Xuan Yi’s heart sank . No!

Feng Wu had sold him out!

“I’ll go check up on my sister…”

However, Feng Xun didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence .

Jun Linyuan’s cold voice cut him off!

“Come with me . Both of you!”

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Feng Xun and Xuan Yi exchanged looks, one bewildered and the other conflicted .

Feng Xun had no idea what was going on, but Xuan Yi had an inkling .

He rubbed his nose with a wry smile .

Judging by Boss Jun’s mood, he had failed at this task again .

Xuan Yi couldn’t for the life of him figure out what was going on .

It was so obvious that Boss Jun was in love with the girl and he had thought that the cat would be out of the bag with just a little push . But —

“I think they’ll need a lot more than a push . ” Xuan Yi smiled bitterly .

“Who needs what?” Feng Xun was at a loss .

Xuan Yi said, “Forget about who or what . My problem now is that nature’s calling —”

Feng Xun waved him off . “I’ll go find Boss Jun first . ”

“Sure —”

Poor Feng Xun — he went to Jun Linyuan without a clue about anything .

Seeing Feng Xun arrive on his own, Jun Linyuan frowned and his face grew darker .

Feng Xun asked, “Boss Jun, Boss Jun, what do you need us for?”

“A duel!”


Feng Xun almost choked!

Last time when Boss Jun said those words, Feng Xun ended up bedridden for nearly a month .

So, when he heard those words again, Feng Xun’s first reaction was to flee!

However, the crown prince would never let his punching bag escape .

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