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Chapter 874

874 A Kiss! 5

Lady Wang turned around to see Lady Northern Feng behind her!

She didn’t like the sight of Lady Northern Feng at all, but had to suppress that feeling .

Not only that, she even had to put on a friendly smile .

“Lady Northern Feng…”

Lady Northern Feng smirked . “Did you just say that my Xiao Wu is dead?”

My Xiao Wu? That was so affectionate! Despite her bitterness, Lady Wang had to squeeze out a smile . “Your Ladyship, I was only just told…”

“From where and by whom? What were their words, exactly? I need names . ”

Lady Northern Feng sneered . “Imperial College hasn’t given out any information so far . I’d like to see who’s been spreading rumors and causing panic among the common folk! His Majesty and Her Majesty the empress dowager will hear about this!”

His Majesty and Her Majesty the empress dowager?

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Lady Wang panicked!

No one had told her about Feng Wu’s death . She had made it all up to shake Lady Xuanji .

“Your Ladyship…”

“Names! Now!” Lady Northern Feng snapped . Instantly, the temperature in the room seemed to drop!

Lady Wang shuddered inwardly .

Granny Tao, Lady Northern Feng’s maid, fetched a writing brush and ink, and set them in front of Lady Wang . She then unscrolled some paper, dipped the writing brush in the ink, then handed it to Lady Wang . “There you go . ”

Lady Wang didn’t know what to do .

Anything she wrote down now would become evidence . If it really was taken to His Majesty, she would be charged for spreading rumors, and that was punishable by death!

Lady Northern Feng was known for her dauntless behavior . That woman was capable of anything!

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The more Lady Wang thought about it, the more scared she got . Sweat trickled down her forehead .

She could only plead with Lady Northern Feng . “Your Ladyship, I heard it from one of the maids…”

“Which maid?”

“Her, her name is Caiyue . ”

“Where is Caiyue?!”

Caiyue was shivering from head to toe already . She collapsed to the ground at Lady Northern Feng’s voice .

“Granny Tao, take the girl next door and record down everything she says . ” Lady Northern Feng smirked .

Granny Tao took Caiyue away as if she was picking up a chicken .

After that —

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Lady Northern Feng darted a glance at Lady Wang . “Now, Lady Wang, tell me exactly what rumor Caiyue told you . ”

This had turned into an interrogation .

Lady Wang flared up . “Lady Northern Feng, are you questioning me now?! My husband may not be as influential as yours, but he’s at least the minister of the Ministry of Official Personnel! Please show me some respect!”

Lady Northern Feng scoffed at her words . “Your husband’s position is the only reason that you’re being questioned here instead of at the Ministry of Punishments!”

“You!” Lady Wang’s heart sank . It was just a little gossip . Could it be that serious?

“You have ten seconds . After that, I’ll leave things in the hands of the Ministry of Punishments!” Lady Northern Feng snorted . “His Majesty wants the name of the person that started the rumors . Lady Wang, was it you?”

Lady Wang blanched…

Right at that moment!





She heard the sound of whipping and wailing next door .

Needless to say, Granny Tao was interrogating Caiyue .

Soon, the granny came back with a piece of paper . Lady Northern Feng took a look and glanced at Lady Wang with a half-smile .

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