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Chapter 875

875 A Kiss! 6

Lady Wang didn’t dare hold back any information anymore . She said in a hurry, “It was Caiyue! She told me that Xiao Wu was dead!”

“But this piece of paper tells me otherwise . ” Lady Northern Feng smiled . “I wonder which of you is lying . Guards!”

Lady Wang was utterly flustered .

With a wave of her hand, Lady Northern Feng said, “Take these two people away!”

“Lady Northern Feng, you can’t do this to me! I’m a fourth-ranked lady! I…”

“You’re suspected of spreading rumors and disturbing public order! I’ll talk to Minister Feng himself if he has questions! Lock Lady Wang up in the prison at the Ministry of Punishments!”

Lady Wang was bewildered!

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This wasn’t happening…

She couldn’t believe it…

She was going to be locked up in the Ministry of Punishments because she made up a story about Feng Wu’s death? She was the wife of the minister of the Ministry of Official Personnel, for Christ’s sake!

However, no matter how loudly Lady Wang cried and how aggrieved she felt, she couldn’t change Lady Northern Feng’s mind . No one ever could .

Seeing her mother being taken away, Feng Liu slipped away without a word .

Lady Northern Feng shook her head as the girl ran away .

Luckily, Ning Chenxi had discovered the truth in time . The entire Ning family would have been ruined if he married this girl .

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With Lady Wang’s people taken away or scattering, Fallen Star Yard quieted down again .

It was only now that the people of Fallen Star Yard could express their gratitude toward Lady Northern Feng .

Lady Xuanji had the mind of a child, so Granny Zhao thanked Lady Northern Feng on her behalf .

“Your Ladyship, it’s all thanks to you that…”

“It’s the least I could do . ” Lady Northern Feng casually waved her off . “Xiao Wu is my god daughter and you’re all family . Plus, if Xiao Wu finds out that I didn’t help you when she was away, she’ll hate me for it . ”

Qiuling asked, “Miss Wu is coming back, isn’t she? We’ll see her again, right?”

Lady Northern Feng said confidently, “I wouldn’t be so sure if His Majesty sent someone else in, but His Royal Highness is leading the rescue team himself . Even if you don’t trust Xiao Wu, you should have faith in him . ”

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But Qiuling was still worried . So what if His Royal Highness was in there with them? He and her mistress didn’t exactly see eye to eye . Would he really care about Miss Wu’s wellbeing? Qiuling wasn’t convinced .

“And my brat is with them, too!” Lady Northern Feng knew how much Feng Xun cared about his little sister . Xiao Wu would always be his top priority .

The entire imperial capital was in a panic .

And all the pressure was on Grand Secretary Fang .

In the imperial palace —

“Cough, cough —”

Grand Secretary Fang broke out in a fit of coughing as he reported to the emperor .

“Fang, do slow down . ”

Emperor Wu told the chief steward to fetch a chair for Grand Secretary Fang .

“I know that all eyes are on you at the moment . It’s very unfortunate for you, having to handle a situation like this right after starting in your new position . But don’t worry . The crown prince is in there with them . He’ll figure everything out . ” Emperor Wu chuckled .

Grand Secretary Fang sighed . “I wouldn’t be so worried if everything is as reported, but that sound before the communication was cut off came from something more powerful than a king of the magical beasts… I’m afraid that the Frosty Night Beast might have mutated . ”

“Are you sure?!” Emperor Wu frowned!

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