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Chapter 873

873 A Kiss! 4

Granny Zhao asked in a hurry, “What happened to Miss Wu?”

Lady Wang cast a stern look at her . “You’re just a maid . Show me to your lady now . ”

“Lady Wang, her ladyship isn’t feeling well…” Granny Zhao tried to stop Lady Wang from coming in .

However —

Lady Wang glared at her . “Xiao Wu is dying and all she thinks about is herself? What kind of mother is she?!”

Granny Zhao and Uncle Qiu exchanged looks of astonishment!

“Miss Wu is dying? How’s that possible?!” Qiuling was bewildered .

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Qiuling was helping Lady Xuanji to her feet, and naturally, the lady heard the news as well .

“What? Xiao Wu is…” Lady Xuanji turned ghastly pale . Tears welled up in her eyes and her knees buckled . “What happened to Xiao Wu?”

Seeing how shocked Lady Xuanji was, Lady Wang felt she had vented her hatred . She smirked . “Something disastrous has happened and they’ve lost contact with the candidates inside .

“I heard that the boss of all magical beasts, the Frosty Night Beast, has woken up!

“The other candidates at least have the ability to protect themselves, but your Feng Wu is simply too weak . Or shall we say: she’s useless .

“Some candidates who have withdrawn from the exam said that your Xiao Wu is dead…”

“My lady! My lady!” Qiuling panicked when Lady Xuanji fainted in her arms .

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All hell broke loose in the courtyard . Lady Wang and Feng Liu promptly left the scene .

The mother and daughter exchanged gloating smiles after they left the courtyard .

“Xiao Wu, my Xiao Wu…” Lady Xuanji weeped .

“My lady, please calm down . Everyone thinks Miss Wu has no cultivation ability at all, but Miss Wu is very capable . I’m sure she’s fine . ”

Qiuling knew that something had gone wrong, but it wasn’t necessarily as serious as Lady Wang had described .

She said to the others, “My lady, please don’t worry . I’ll go to Northern Feng Mansion to ask Lady Northern Feng about it . I’m sure she can tell us something . ”

Qiuling then went to talk to Lady Northern Feng .

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The guards recognized her from before and showed her in right away .

Qiuling told Lady Northern Feng what happened .

Lady Wang frowned . “Lady Wang told you that?”

Qiuling nodded with a serious look on her face .

“Nonsense!” Lady Northern Feng smacked her hand on the table . “Something happened, which is why His Majesty sent His Royal Highness and Ah Xun in to protect the candidates . If something that big happened, the crown prince would be in danger as well! Who told them that someone died? They’re spreading rumors!”

“So is Miss Wu alright? Lady Xuanji passed out when she heard the news, and she’s still pale . ” Qiuling was anxious .

Lady Northern Feng waved her hand . “I’m coming with you!”

She arrived at Fallen Star Yard to find Lady Wang sitting next to Lady Xuanji’s bed while holding the latter’s hand . There was a feigned sad look on Lady Wang’s face . “Sister-in-law, I’ve sent people out to ask around . Xiao Wu is really gone . I’m here to offer my condolences . Please take care of yourself . ”

Lady Xuanji flared up and shoved Lady Wang away . “You’re a bad person! Go away! I’m not talking to you!”

Lady Wang looked pleased, but before she could go on —

“Lady Wang, I see you have nothing better to do these days . Are you having fun upsetting Lady Xuanji?” Lady Northern Feng snorted .

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