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Chapter 872

872 A Kiss! 3

But why did he seem to enjoy it when little Feng Wu yelled at him… Yu Mingye rubbed his chin .

“Why are you grinning?” Feng Wu was bewildered and felt Yu Mingye’s forehead for his temperature .

The guy was rubbing his chin and grinning . Was he delirious?

He didn’t have a temperature .

Before Feng Wu knew it, a big hand was on top of hers and Yu Mingye was looking up at her with his brooding eyes . The air felt warm all of a sudden .


Feng Wu stomped on Yu Mingye’s foot .

“Ouch!” That hurt!

Yu Mingye glared at Feng Wu .

Feng Wu said grumpily, “Have you recovered?”

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“I think so?”


“I… don’t think so . ”

“Then lie down already!”

“…Alright . ”

After forcing Yu Mingye to go to bed, Feng Wu sat down against the wall and closed her eyes .

The night ended and the eastern sky began to brighten up .

The candidates started to wake up one after another .

Meanwhile, in Imperial College, many were worried sick .

For they had lost contact with the candidates inside .

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Not only wasn’t there a video feed on the screen, even the ranking screen had gone dark .

Only one tenth of all candidates had passed the written exam, and everyone who was still taking part in the physical tryout was from privileged backgrounds . Hence, all their families were concerned about the situation . Parents had gathered outside the college and were asking questions in great agitation .

But no one was able to tell them anything .

For even the heads of Imperial College didn’t know what was going on in the snowfield .

The news got to the Feng clan .

Feng Liu was over the moon when she heard it .

“What? Say that again!” Feng Liu stared at Caiyue, her chambermaid . “What did you say?”

“Miss Liu, all candidates are stuck in Proud Snowfield and have lost contact with people on the outside . No one knows what happened to them!”

Lady Wang patted her chest . “Xiao Liu, it’s so lucky that you didn’t get in, or I would be so worried now . ”

“All of them are stuck there, and they could be all dead by now, right?” Feng Liu said . “Such as Feng Wu, Chaoge, and Mu Yaoyao?”

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“That’s right,” said Caiyue . “Many families have gathered outside Imperial College and are asking for an explanation . ”

Feng Liu was elated . “Has Feng Wu’s family heard about this?”

“We’ve only just heard the news ourselves . That family has kept pretty much to themselves . I don’t think they’ve been told yet . ”

Feng Liu and Lady Wang exchanged looks .

They hadn’t? Good .

“Let’s go . ”

Lady Wang and Feng Liu headed for Fallen Star Yard .

Feng Wu feared that her beautiful mother would be harassed after she and Chaoge left for the exam, so she had made arrangements beforehand . Uncle Qiu was to keep the gate shut and try to stay inside for as long as possible .

Knock, knock, knock —

Granny Gui banged on the door .

But no one answered .

“Keep knocking!” Lady Wang smirked .

Knock, knock, knock —

Knock, knock, knock —

The door to the yard had been fortified, but the banging still almost shattered it .

“Who is it?” Granny Zhao called out from inside, sounding displeased .

“Granny Zhao, it’s me . We’ve got news about Miss Wu!” Granny Gui and Lady Wang exchanged looks .

Granny Zhao opened the door immediately at the mention of Feng Wu .

She saw a large group of people outside, led by none other than Lady Wang herself .

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