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Published at 20th of July 2020 08:13:59 PM
Chapter 871

871 A Kiss! 2

She fell on top of him and their lips touched!

Feng Wu felt like screaming!

She was supposed to kiss him without letting him know, not smash into him to wake him up!

Feng Wu was still feeling frustrated when she sensed an intense gaze . She raised her head and looked into a pair of bright eyes!

Feng Wu: !!!

Their eyes met .

Blood rushed into Feng Wu’s head and she felt as if she had just been struck by lightning! Her head went completely blank!

For a moment, Feng Wu didn’t know where she was or what she was doing .

Their lips had touched and she had looked into his eyes…

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Feng Wu finally came back to herself . Shoving Jun Linyuan away, she jumped out of the window and disappeared into the night .

She was soon nowhere to be seen .

Jun Linyuan didn’t know what to say .

In the dark, he touched his thin lips and smiled .

Little Feng Wu, I finally know what you want!

Feng Wu ran all the way back to her tent and closed the door loudly behind her as she gasped for breath .

She couldn’t get the image out of her head .

It was so embarrassing!

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How could she wake Jun Linyuan up?!

That ruined all her plans!

Would he begin to assume things?

Of course he would! She had drugged him in the middle of the night before climbing into his room and kissing him! Feng Wu smacked her own head in frustration .

“Feng Wu, you’re the dumbest person in the world!” Feng Wu smacked herself again .

“Why are you doing that to yourself? Are you crazy or something?” Yu Mingye had woken up and was grinning at Feng Wu . His amorous eyes twinkled .

He noticed that Feng Wu was blushing, and the look on her face reminded him of a girl in love . She almost looked secretly joyful . Yu Mingye narrowed his eyes .

“Did you go see Jun Linyuan?” The scared son was displeased .

“No!” Feng Wu denied outright .

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“Really?” Yu Mingye wasn’t convinced .

“Yes! Really!” Feng Wu threw a dirty look at him and said in an irritated voice . She was angry from her embarrassment .

Yu Mingye looked aggrieved as he mumbled, “Fine, you didn’t… There’s no need to shout at me…”

Feng Wu said, “…Sorry about that . ”

Her apology cheered Yu Mingye up right away and he beamed at her . “Little Feng Wu, come here . ”

“What?” Despite her impatience, Feng Wu still went up to him .

Taking Feng Wu’s hand, Yu Mingye looked up at her . “You made my life miserable back in Frozen Forest…”

“I told you already: I’m not her!”

“Shall I invite Feng Xun and the other guys over to help me with that?”

“Yu Mingye, how dare you!” Feng Wu smacked the guy on the head .

“Ouch —” Yu Mingye puffed out his cheeks and cried out in pain . He looked at Feng Wu with teary eyes . “Are you trying to kill your future husband?”

Feng Wu stomped on his feet . “Say that again and you’re dead!”

“Fine, fine… I won’t…” Yu Mingye pouted .

Feng Wu had tricked him over and over again in Frozen Forest . He had been set up and poisoned, not to mention that she had stolen the treasure from him . But now, she was threatening him!

Any other woman would have been killed by now .

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