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Chapter 870

870 A Kiss! 1

Did Xuan Yi have no feelings for Feng Wu at all? That wasn’t the case .

However, he had to find out how little Feng Wu felt about Jun Linyuan first .

Xuan Yi believed that she would never agree to such preposterous terms if she didn’t have any feelings for Jun Linyuan at all, hence the seemingly pointless bet .

He was testing Feng Wu .

Maybe the girl hadn’t realized how much she actually cared about Jun Linyuan .

Feng Wu reached the door to the cabin, and for some reason, she flinched . She looked over her shoulder at Xuan Yi .

A few steps away, Xuan the Second stood in the snowfield, holding his sword between his crossed arms .

He gave her a knowing look and a half-smile .

That irritated Feng Wu .

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So be it! She wouldn’t be intimidated! She would get it over with and run away before Jun Linyuan found out .

Feng Wu pressed her ear to the door and listened carefully .

The breathing sounded long and even . His Royal Highness was really asleep .

But that didn’t fully convince Feng Wu . Taking out a tube filled with sleeping incense powder, she began to blow it into the cabin .

Whoosh —

The powder was a special concoction of Feng Wu’s, and was supposed to be highly effective . It should take effect in less than five minutes .

Because Jun Linyuan was the person in question here, Feng Wu waited for a few more minutes . She only pushed the door open fifteen minutes later .

The cabin had been crudely built and a straw rope had been used to lock the door, which Feng Wu thought would be easy to untie . However, she soon realized that the knot was impossible to untie .

She moved to the window instead .

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Luckily, the window wasn’t locked . Feng Wu carefully pried the window open and jumped in as quiet as a cat .

She did everything in one smooth motion without any pause in between .

The window was left open, for Feng Wu knew she would be leaving soon .

Silver moonlight poured into the room like running water and shone on Jun Linyuan’s face .

The crown prince was lying there with his hands crossed on his abdomen .

The clear and bright moonlight gave his deep-set, exquisite features extra charisma, bringing out his natural charm .

Taking a deep breath, Feng Wu walked gingerly to the bed and sat down on the edge .

Feng Wu waved a finger in front of his face . “Jun Linyuan? Jun Linyuan?”

She had to make sure he was really asleep .

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He gave no reply .

Feng Wu was elated!

However, she still wasn’t fully convinced . Could a formidable man like Jun Linyuan be drugged that easily?

She drew a dagger out of her sleeve for another test .

The blade glinted coldly in the moonlight .

She then swept the blade down at Jun Linyuan’s forehead!

Jun Linyuan’s eyes remained closed and he didn’t move a muscle .

He would have dodged if he was pretending to be asleep .

However, he didn’t even flinch when the tip of the blade was 1cm away from him .

That was to say…

Jun Linyuan was really drugged?

Oh god, this was a one-in-million chance!

Putting the dagger away, Feng Wu put a hand on either side of Jun Linyuan’s head and lowered her head . Staring at Jun Linyuan’s face, she quickly said the words that Xuan Yi had told her to say .

Although, there was a little twist . Feng Wu said it in French, which was unknown in this world .

Je t’aime .

Feng Wu couldn’t even bring herself to look at Jun Linyuan’s face after saying those words, fearing that the guy might wake up . It would be so embarrassing!

She then lowered her head to kiss him .

But she was too nervous and lost her balance . The next second, she fell on top of Jun Linyuan!

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