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Chapter 867

867 Feng Wu Is Brilliant! 6

Why did she get the feeling that Xuan Yi was behaving differently today? And did he seem more talkative than usual?

Feng Wu said, “I’ll pay you a hundred-fold . ”

Xuan Yi chuckled . “Little Feng Wu, do you think I’m in need of small change like that?”

Taking a deep breath, Feng Wu looked into his eyes . “Chaoge is mortally wounded and she needs those Cleansing Bee Pills, which you don’t really need at the moment . Please let me use them . I’ll owe you a big favor . ”

Xuan Yi only smiled, but wouldn’t reply .

Feng Wu darted a look at the tent entrance .

Xuan Yi said casually, “Feng Xun has gone to His Royal Highness and won’t be back for a while . ”

“So, you came prepared . ” Putting the dagger away, Feng Wu stared at Xuan Yi . “We’ll talk outside!”

Holding his sword between his crossed arms, Xuan Yi followed Feng Wu out .

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Once they walked behind an ice wall, Feng Wu narrowed her eyes in an intimidating manner .

“Xuan the Second, speak your mind . ” She stared at him .

Feng Wu believed that she knew Xuan Yi well enough to know that he wouldn’t turn away from the wounded . It was obvious that he had his own reasons .

“It’s nothing, really . ”

“I can tell there’s something behind it . Just say it . ”

“I won’t put it that way . ”

“You sent Feng Xun off on purpose before coming to me and you’re using Cleansing Bee Pills as bait . If that’s not deliberate, I don’t know what is . ”

“Well…” Xuan Yi rubbed his nose .

“You’ve been acting strangely these days . What’s going on?” Feng Wu narrowed her eyes and looked Xuan Yi up and down .

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“No, I haven’t . ” Xuan Yi didn’t sound so sure .

“You used to be as prim as an old man . What happened? You’re all nosy and meddling . ”

Xuan Yi looked embarrassed . He then stared at Feng Wu . “Do you want those Cleansing Bee Pills or not?”

Feng Wu said, “Tell me what’s on your mind . ”

Xuan Yi rubbed his nose again . Feng Wu’s intense gaze made him fidget a little . “Actually… I was going to save those Cleansing Bee Pills for myself . ”

Feng Wu nodded . “Alright . ”

“But if you really want them… We’ll leave it up to God’s will . ”

“What do you mean by ‘God’s will’?”

“Easy . Let’s make a bet . ”

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“What bet?”

“The simplest one . How about rock, paper, scissors? I’ll give you those pills if you win . But if you lose… I can still give you those pills, but on one condition . ”

Feng Wu smiled a little . There we go .

Xuan Yi lowered his head and whispered something in Feng Wu’s ear .

Feng Wu’s face darkened immediately!

“What’s that supposed to mean?!” She flared up .

Xuan Yi shrugged . “You heard me . It’s up to you whether to take the offer or not . ”

In Xuan Yi’s hand was that bottle of Cleansing Bee Pills, which cost next to nothing in the outside world, but was invaluable here .

Feng Wu took a deep breath .

“What will you get out of this? Nothing!” Feng Wu was torn inside, for that offer was so… She felt like freaking out just thinking about it .

“You can always say no . ” Xuan Yi turned to leave .

“Wait!” Feng Wu called after Xuan Yi .

The teenager smiled a little .

“Fine . Alright . ” Feng Wu ground her teeth .

Her top priority now was Chaoge . If that wound was left untreated and something else unexpected happened… Feng Wu couldn’t take that risk .

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