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Chapter 868

868 Feng Wu Is Brilliant! 7

Xuan Yi secretly let out a breath of relief when he heard Feng Wu’s reply .

He was going so far just to help Boss Jun .

“Are you sure about playing rock, paper, scissors?” Feng Wu found the idea preposterous .

“That’s right . We’ll leave it to fate . ”

“Xuan the Second, you really have nothing better to do, don’t you?”

“We don’t have much to do around here anyway, do we?”

Feng Wu asked, “So, best of three wins?”

Xuan Yi said, “No, let’s get it over with in one go . ”

“Get what over with? Hey, what secret are the two of you keeping from me?” Feng Wu and Xuan Yi jumped at the sudden voice .

Feng Xun?

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The teenager eyed the two of them suspiciously . “Since when are you so close?”

Feng Wu snapped, “Xuan the Second here is so bored that he wants to play rock, paper, scissors . ”

“You have time to do that?” Feng Xun rolled his eyes .

With everything that was going on in the campsite, all the candidates were on edge, not to mention that people were cold and starving . And these two were playing rock, paper, scissors here?

“Good, you can be our judge . ” Xuan Yi then turned to Feng Wu . “Let’s stand back to back and raise our right hands . We’ll move at the same time . Sounds fair?”

Feng Wu nodded . “Alright . ” The guy had the Cleansing Bee Pills and he was the one to call the shots .

Three, two, one!

They showed their hands at the same time!

Without seeing each other’s faces, it was really all down to luck .

“Little Feng Wu, you’re so lousy! He’s scissors and you’re paper . You lost!” Feng Xun cried out .

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Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

Xuan Yi stuffed the bottle of pills into Feng Wu’s hand, then whispered in her ear, “Be sure to come tonight . ”

He left after that .

Feng Wu had never looked so conflicted .

Feng Xun was bewildered . “What did he just tell you?”

Feng Wu said, “Nothing . ”

“And what’s with that look on your face?”

“It’s the losing face . ”

Feng Xun said, “…Alright . I can’t believe that Xuan the Second! He tricked my sister! He couldn’t lose!”

Feng Wu asked, “How so?”

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“Don’t you know?”

“Know what?”

Feng Xun sighed . “Xuan Yi has this ability: He can read other people’s minds when he makes contact with them . ”

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

That explained everything!

No wonder he wanted to stand with their backs against each other .

That Xuan Yi!

He was going to give her those pills no matter what . Why did he go through that extra step?

“Why did you tell me?!” Feng Wu glared at Feng Xun .

Feng Xun grinned . “You wouldn’t have taken the bet if I told you, would you? Plus, you’re always so sure of yourself; it feels nice to see you get tricked for a change…”


“…Speaking of which, what did you bet on?”

“Cleansing Bee Pills . They’re for Chaoge . ”

Rubbing his chin, Feng Xun eyed Feng Wu suspiciously . “Why do I feel that there’s more to it… Are you two planning something behind my back?”

“…I’m not telling you!”

Feng Wu turned to leave in frustration .

Feng Xun followed her . “Hey, little Feng Wu, I’m your brother!”

Feng Wu glared at him . “Is that why you just helped that guy to trick me?!”

Feng Xun rubbed his nose .

With Cleansing Bee Pills, Feng Wu could operate on Chaoge .

“Take those rocks out of the fire, wrap them in fish skin, and bring them to me,” Feng Wu instructed Feng Xun, before she cut Chaoge’s skin open .

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