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Chapter 866

866 Feng Wu Is Brilliant! 5

“What’s she doing, then?”

“She’s unconscious . ”

“What?” Feng Xun looked shocked . “She passed out? That girl is stronger than a calf . How could she pass out?”

“She was bitten by a venomous snake . ” Once the blade of her dagger was red with heat from the fire, Feng Wu picked the dagger up and pulled up one of Duan Chaoge’s legs .

Seeing that Feng Xun was still standing there, Feng Wu shook her head . “Brother, go fetch me some rocks . ”

Feng Xun was bewildered . “How big do you need them?”

Feng Wu said, “The size of baby fists, preferably . ”

“What do you need them for?”

“You’ll see . Please hurry . ”

Feng Wu cut Feng Xun off before he could ask another question . “Get me those rocks and you’ll know what they’re for . ”

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That was all the explanation she was going to give…

Feng Xun promptly left the tent .

Feng Wu shook her head with a wry smile . She was about to cut one of Chaoge’s trouser legs open, and a guy shouldn’t be in the room . There would be rumors if they weren’t careful .

Feng Wu swept her palm across Chaoge’s right calf after Feng Xun left the tent .

The cloth turned to ash at her touch .

And it revealed the wound on Chaoge’s calf .

The wound had swollen to the size of a peach and looked as if it was ready to burst at any moment . The skin around the wound had turned black and gave off a strange energy as well as a horrible smell…

Moreover, a black line had emerged on Chaoge’s skin and was moving up her calf .

Feng Wu examined it and saw that it had reached as far as Chaoge’s thigh . It wouldn’t be long before it reached her spine .

When that happened, Chaoge would spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair!

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And she would die when it reached her heart!

Feng Wu gritted her teeth . It pained her just to think about it .

She tried to find a spot to cut into the wound with the red-hot blade, but shook her head after a moment of hesitation .

She couldn’t find one .

It was easy to release the puss, but not as easy to clear all the toxins from Chaoge’s system .

Feng Wu had a 90% chance of saving Chaoge if they were outside this place and had full access to all the medicine she needed . However, stranded in this abominable place, that chance had fallen to 50% .

If anything unexpected happened during the procedure, Chaoge would die!

Taking a deep breath, Feng Wu put the dagger down .

“If only I had some Cleansing Bee Pills on me…” Feng Wu rubbed her forehead .

Feng Wu had designed the Cleansing Bee Pill herself, and she knew that it would be the perfect antidote for the Red-Eyed Snake .

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But where was she supposed to find Cleansing Bee Pills now?

She didn’t have any on her .

“You need Cleansing Bee Pills?”

A voice rang out behind Feng Wu .

She turned around to find Xuan Yi at the door .

Feng Wu asked, “Why are you here?”

Xuan Yi said, “To bring you the rocks . Can you tell me what they’re for, now?”

“Throw them in the brazier . ”

“That’s it?”

“How elaborate did you expect it to be?” Feng Wu found Xuan Yi’s question amusing .

Xuan Yi shrugged, then tossed a dozen or so rocks of roughly the same small size into the fire . He then turned in Feng Wu’s direction . “You need Cleansing Bee Pills?”

“Do you have any?” Feng Wu frowned .

“Actually, I do . But I’ve only got one bottle . ”

Feng Wu was elated . “Give it to me, then . ”

“Why should I?” Crossing his arms, Xuan Yi stared at Feng Wu with a half-smile on his face .

Feng Wu frowned . “Those aren’t exactly expensive pills . You can get a bottle for a coin anywhere outside . ”

“But you can’t do that here, can you? It’s a scarce resource . ” Xuan Yi grinned at Feng Wu .

Feng Wu’s frown grew bigger .

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