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Chapter 864

864 Feng Wu Is Brilliant! 3

“She said we should dig a hole in the snow and sleep in it . It’ll be warmer that way . ”

“Is she trying to kill us? The snow is freezing, and a hole underground will be the same . And she’s telling us to sleep in it?”

“We won’t live to see another sunrise if we do that . ”

A voice cut them off at that moment .

“Why do I get the feeling that Feng Wu’s instruction makes sense?”

It was Shi Xuan .

Ever since Feng Wu saved Gongsun Qing with her own blood despite how the latter had mistreated her, Shi Xuan had changed her opinion of Feng Wu .

Many smirked at this .

“Is that so? Miss Shi, please enlighten us . ”

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Shi Xuan said, “I can’t, but I’m willing to try . We’ll freeze to death all the same if we just sit here . ”

Shi Xuan was the first to dig .

Those around her tried to stop her, but she persisted .

She was willing to trust Feng Wu, although she also found it impossible that a snowpit could be warmer .

Soon, she made a hole big enough for one person .

Shi Xuan was the first to enter .


Shi Xuan’s eyes lit up!

She had thought that Feng Wu was making fun of them, but as it turned out, Feng Wu was right!

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It was so much warmer inside!

Shi Xuan wasn’t on her own; after Gongsun Qing was injured, she became the leader of Gongsun Qing’s team .

She walked out and gave the order to her team of fifteen .

“Let’s start digging! From 50m to the east and 30m to the west under this big rock! We’re making a very big snowpit!”

“But…” The others hesitated .

Shi Xuan said decisively, “I know you all have doubts, but you’ll see after you do this!”

Facts spoke louder than words .

With Gongsun Qing gone, the team members followed Shi Xuan’s instruction .

They knelt and began to dig with their weapons .

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Cold and starved, they began to show signs of hypothermia and grew weaker .

Luckily, with their combined efforts, the hole was finished in time .

After they climbed in…

There was no need for Shi Xuan to explain, for —

Everyone beamed at one another!

“Oh god! It’s so warm here!”

“It completely blocks the wind from getting in!”

“I didn’t think this would work! Feng Wu was right!”

Quite a few candidates were still outside and waiting to laugh at the team . However, they were baffled when they saw how cheerful they were .

What was going on?

Some of them found excuses to enter the little cave .

They felt the difference in temperature as soon as they walked in!

The looks on their faces changed!

That actually worked!

A teenager named Fan Yuan was the first to take action .

He had always been kind of an outsider, and he was now the first to take action!

Without another word, he dashed off and began to dig under that big rock .

More people joined in…

Everyone was digging like rats, and snow scattered everywhere .

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