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Published at 20th of July 2020 08:14:15 PM
Chapter 865

865 Feng Wu Is Brilliant! 4

Mu Yaoyao and Xuanyuan Yi were dumbfounded .

Especially Mu Yaoyao . She grabbed a girl by the arm when the latter ran past her .

“What’s going on there? What are you people doing?”

“Oh my, Princess Mu, please let go of me . I need to hurry up before all the good spots under that rock are taken! That’s the least windy place!”

The girl, who had always respected Mu Yaoyao, shoved the latter to one side and ran off .

Mu Yaoyao stumbled and almost fell to the ground .

Her face darkened .

Could it be that Feng Wu’s method actually worked?

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When Mu Yaoyao finally entered one of the holes, she had to admit that Feng Wu was right!

It really was warmer inside than outside!

With the holes, they no longer had to sit in the open and shiver in the freezing wind .

What frustrated Mu Yaoyao more was the conversation around her .

“Feng Wu knows so much . I never knew that . ”

“That’s right . She’s really smart . Although, she did get full marks in the written exam . We should have known that . ”

“We’ve said so many bad things about her, but she’s still willing to share this piece of information with us . She’s not a bad person . ”

“So true . Remember how Gongsun Qing targeted her before? But she cut her wrist open to save her . That’s proof enough of her character . ”

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“That doesn’t make sense . If Feng Wu is so kind and warmhearted, why are there so many rumors about her?”

“I bet she offended the wrong people . She’s so pretty . It’s only normal that some people would be jealous of her . That’s the price of being so brilliant . ”

“I don’t care what other people think, but from now on, I’m going to form my own opinion . ”

“Me, too . ”

Mu Yaoyao was furious!

“These people are singing her praises over such a petty favor? Do they even have principles?!” Mu Yaoyao whined .

A petty favor?

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Those in Xuanyuan Yi’s team eyed Mu Yaoyao .

To Feng Wu, it was just a kind reminder, but it was a life-saving tip for everyone else!

Many had thought highly of Mu Yaoyao before .

The girl came with many flashy tags .

As the daughter of Lord Mu and a pupil of Firmament Palace, she had Zuo Qingluan the genius girl as her senior sister and the vice principal of Imperial College as her grandfather… Every candidate had wanted to be part of her circle .

However… They had a different opinion of her now .

Because of her privileged background, Mu Yaoyao had never thought of any of these people as her equal .

She was very angry now, not just because of the change in their views about Feng Wu . What was more —

Because Shi Xuan was the first to react, her team had taken the best spot, whereas Mu Yaoyao and Xuanyuan Yi’s teams had to share what was left .

Feng Wu had no idea that her little reminder would change these people’s minds so drastically .

Although, she probably wouldn’t care even if she did know .

Three beds lay side by side in the tent .

And three patients were on one each . They were Yu Mingye, Gongsun Qing, and Duan Chaoge .

A fire was burning in the brazier .

All three patients had fallen into a lethargic sleep .

Feng Xun was bemused . “Why did Duan Chaoge fall asleep so quickly?”

Feng Wu said gravely, “She’s not sleeping . ”

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