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Published at 20th of July 2020 08:14:20 PM
Chapter 863

863 Feng Wu Is Brilliant! 2

Feng Wu frowned . “Show me . ”

Chaoge chuckled . “Don’t worry . I’m fine . A magical beast just bit me in the leg, and it hurts a little, that’s all . ”

“What magical beast?”

“A snowy white snake . It was really pretty and I wanted to catch it . But it didn’t go as expected…” Chaoge said with a long face .

“You silly girl —” Feng Wu jabbed Chaoge’s forehead with a finger and went on examining her . She froze all of a sudden .

The look on her face turned grave .

Chaoge was bewildered . “Xiao Wu, what’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell? What happened to your face? And your hand…”

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Chaoge reached out to hold Feng Wu’s hand, but Feng Wu remained serious .

“Xiao Wu… wh- what’s wrong? Are you very ill?” Chaoge was flustered .

Feng Wu took a deep breath . “Chaoge, I need to tell you something . ”

“Of course . I’ll help you no matter what, come hell or high water . Xiao Wu, please don’t be afraid . ” Chaoge held Feng Wu’s hand and nodded solemnly .

Feng Wu would be lying if she said she wasn’t moved…

Feng Wu wanted to tell Chaoge that the snake was extremely poisonous and that she didn’t have any antidote on her, not even adequate raw ingredients to make one… But she couldn’t bring herself to tell Chaoge!

“Let’s get you back first . ” Feng Wu helped Chaoge to her feet .

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“Gosh, this leg is killing me . ” Chaoge drew in her breath and smacked her own thigh!

“Don’t!” Feng Wu cried out .

The toxin was in a dormant state, but her smack could trigger the flow of her blood and quicken the spread of the toxin .

“I’ll carry you . ”

Feng Wu immediately threw Chaoge on her back and headed for the tent .

“Xiao Wu, put me down! Put me down now! You’re dying, you shouldn’t be doing this! I should be the one carrying you!” Chaoge squirmed on Feng Wu’s back and yelled .

Feng Xun rushed out at the noise . “What’s going on? What is it? What do you mean Xiao Wu’s dying?”

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Feng Xun freaked out .

After the blood loss, Feng Wu was in fact too weak to carry Chaoge . She put her friend on Feng Xun’s back instead . “Take her back into the tent . ”

Feng Xun didn’t want to, but he obeyed after seeing his sister’s pale face . After steadying Chaoge on his back, he told Feng Wu, “It’s so cold out here . Let’s go back in . ”

All the other candidates were sitting out in the open as a cold, snowy wind blasted through the valley .

Someone had tried to start a fire, but with the howling wind and the heavy snow, the fire was smothered almost as soon as the wood lit up .

Their faces had turned blue and everyone was shivering .

Looking at their pale faces and purple lips, Feng Wu shook her head in resignation . These people had zero ability to survive in the cold .

As she walked past the crowd, she said coldly, “Dig a hole in the snow where it’s less windy . It’ll be warmer inside . ”

She had told them what to do; it was up to them to make the choice . That was as much help as Feng Wu could offer .

Feng Wu didn’t try to keep her voice down, so a lot of candidates heard her .

They whispered among themselves after Feng Wu left .

“What did Feng Wu say?”

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