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Chapter 862

862 Feng Wu Is Brilliant! 1

Her thin wrist was wrapped in thick layers of gauze . It looked hideous .

The look on Jun Linyuan’s face was very dangerous .

“Jun Linyuan! Let go of me! I’m talking to you!” Feng Wu struggled .

She took a deep breath . “I know you’re a distinguished figure and that you’re expected to look down upon everyone else, but that doesn’t give you the right to ignore the lives of others!

“Fine, you’re all powerful, but that doesn’t mean that the weak deserve to die!

“Gongsun Qing only spilled a drop of tea on you and you wanted to kill her over such a petty thing!

“Jun Linyuan, I’ve never met anyone as cold-blooded as you!”

After everything Jun Linyuan had put her through over the past few days, Feng Wu had had enough . She blurted everything out without hesitation!

Jun Linyuan didn’t say anything in response . Instead, he narrowed his eyes and stared at Feng Wu’s wounded wrist the whole time . At his side, Feng Wu felt overwhelmed by his intimidating aura . It was hard to breathe .

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Feng Wu wanted to go on, but Jun Linyuan had picked up her hand and began to examine it .

“You —”

Was he even listening?

“Does it hurt?” Before she knew it, Jun Linyuan had removed the gauze and was staring at her mangled wrist .

“No, not really…”

This unexpected show of affection gave Feng Wu the creeps .

But that didn’t last . The next second —

Jun Linyuan had wrapped his fingers around Feng Wu’s wrist!

“Do you want to die that badly?”

Feng Wu stammered, “I… I don’t… It’s just…”

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“This is the last time!” Jun Linyuan said in a husky voice, and he squeezed out each word through gritted teeth . “I’ll kill every single person you save this way!”

That look in his eyes!

It was so malicious!

He meant it!

There was a gust of wind and the hair on Feng Wu’s back stood up!

Jun Linyuan then released her wrist . Feng Wu almost lost her balance, and had to lean back on the pile of snow as she gasped for air .

Jun Linyuan stared at her for another moment with a gaze as sharp as an eagle’s . Only then did he turn around and leave .

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

She only realized a moment later that she had been the one to summon the guy out here .

She was supposed to tell him off!

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How did it turn into a lecture for herself?

She was so mad!

However, Feng Wu’s stomach lurched a little when she recalled the look in Jun Linyuan’s eyes…

She was seldom afraid of someone, but Jun Linyuan did frighten her .

Because the guy was unpredictable, had no respect for life, and was capable of doing anything!

“Xiao Wu, sob, Xiao Wu —”

A voice rang out a short distance away .

Feng Wu’s eyes lit up!

It was Chaoge!

That was her voice!

Feng Wu turned around to see Chaoge running toward her . Her face was smeared with dust .

“Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu —” Chaoge cried out in excitement, but she was limping . Before she could reach Feng Wu, she lost her balance and rolled down the slope .

Exasperated, Feng Wu ran over to Chaoge and helped her to her feet .

“Xiao Wu, sob —” Chaoge was thrilled as she hugged Feng Wu . “Where have you been? I was looking for you everywhere . ”

Feng Wu rubbed her head . “I’ve been looking for you, too . Why weren’t you with them?”


“Mu Yaoyao, Gongsun Qing, and the others . ”

“Hmph, I don’t like any of them . I wanted to find you on my own . Ouch —” Chaoge cried out in pain all of a sudden .

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