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Chapter 861

861 Unexpected! 8

“And I also heard that Feng Wu cut her wrist open to save Gongsun Qing . Her blood was what stopped Gongsun Qing from dying . ”

“Feng Wu did that?”

“I heard it from Shi Xuan herself . Shi Xuan is Gongsun Qing’s best friend and she was there the whole time . She saw it with her own eyes . It has to be true . ”

“So… Feng Wu is actually a kind person . ”

Those on Mu Yaoyao’s side couldn’t take it anymore and interjected, “No, she’s not! Even if what you said is true, she only did it to win popularity!”

“So, you would cut your own wrist to save other people with your own blood to win popularity?”

“Th- that’s because Feng Wu is a physician! She was only doing what she’s supposed to do!”

“That’s moral coercion . Since when is it mandatory for all physicians to offer their blood?”

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Shi Xuan stared at Yao Ying, who was standing next to Mu Yaoyao . “Answer me this: could you do the same if you were her?”

Yao Ying stammered, “I…”

Shi Xuan smirked . “Feng Wu didn’t even treat her own wound when she told Young Lord Feng to save Sister Qing .

“Answer me . Could you do the same if you were her?!”


Shi Xuan went on, “I’ve heard a lot about Feng Wu in the past few days . Everyone’s been telling me how impossible she is and how infatuated she is with guys . They made her sound like an idiot and a good-for-nothing . But after observing her myself, why do I get the feeling that she’s a worthier friend than a lot of other people?”

Many pondered Shi Xuan’s words…

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Naturally, Jun Linyuan heard the conversation as well .

Feng Xun was pleased . “They’ve finally realized how amazing my sister is! I’d say what happened was a blessing in disguise . Xiao Wu turned out to be the winner . ”

“You moron!”

To Jun Linyuan, no fame was remotely as important as Feng Wu’s safety!

Back in the tent .

Feng Wu looked up to find the stunning face of Jun Linyuan, but it didn’t bring Feng Wu any joy . Her face only darkened .

The atmosphere was rather awkward .

Before Feng Xun could smile, Feng Wu rose to her feet and headed for the door . She blurted out when she walked past the crown prince, “Come outside!”

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Her tone was so commanding!

Feng Xun jumped .

How bold! Had the girl forgotten what happened to Gongsun Qing?

Gongsun Qing had assumed too much and thought too highly of herself . Look what happened to her! Feng Wu, on the other hand, had just given the crown prince an order!

Even His Majesty wouldn’t order Boss Jun around…

However, Feng Xun was still venting his sarcasm in his head when his Boss Jun followed Feng Xun out .

Feng Xun was rendered speechless .

He looked at Xuan Yi in amazement .

Xuan Yi shrugged .

It was so obvious . And this Feng Xun called himself the smartest man in the imperial capital?

Next to a high pile of snow .

Feng Wu took a deep breath and looked up at Jun Linyuan, who was at least 20cm taller than her .

Feng Wu barely reached the crown prince’s shoulder .

Feng Wu convinced herself that she was still young . She was sure that she could grow up to Jun Linyuan’s ear in a few years!

But that wasn’t the point!

Face dark, Feng Wu said in a solemn tone, “Jun Linyuan, with everything that has happened, are you still going to deny you’re at fault?!”

Jun Linyuan ignored her . He picked up her right hand .

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