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Chapter 86: I'm not!

Feng Wu. "……really……"

However, Feng Wu hadn't finished speaking when she was interrupted by Feng Xun waving his hand. "I know you like our Boss Jun, dressing up in your best clothes to please him, however……"

Feng Xun used a kind of helpless, quite uncomfortable, quite complicated gaze to focus on Feng Wu. "Even if you dressed up, can't you have dressed……a bit more thoughtfully? That blockheaded beauty's image is what our Boss Jun dislikes the most, don't you know?"

Feng Wu very much wanted to say that it's exactly because she knew that she deliberately dressed up as a slow-witted beauty, OK?

But did she dare to say these words in front of everyone, especially in Jun Lin Yuan's presence?

Feng Wu was both without choice and at a loss. "……"

Beautiful Mother watched their conversation shifting back and forth endlessly. She quite unhappily pulled discreetly at Feng Wu's sleeves.

Her mother was urging her to start the meal. Feng Wu understood, however, the power to take action was no longer in her hands, and she also felt quite helpless.

"Hungry……" Beautiful Mother saw that Feng Wu hadn't responded. That enviable appearance that could extinguish an era biting at the light pink cherry lips very softly spoke, her voice containing a tinge of grievance.

Although her voice was soft, what kind of ears did Feng Xun and the rest of them have? Naturally, every single one of them heard her.

Thereupon, everyone's gaze turned towards Beautiful Mother. After that, their gazes collectively turned to the dining table.

A table full of delicious fine food, fresh, savory, hot and numbing scents pervaded the whole room, simply made a person's forefinger twitch.

However, Feng Xun examined Beautiful Mother, and also examined the table full of tasty, oily, flavorful food as a puzzled expression appeared in his eyes.

This kind of unique beauty capable of causing the downfall of a country……along with this table full of food……doesn't seem to go well together.

Mother poked at Feng Wu, and poked Feng Wu again……there surprisingly was still no reaction. Consequently, her mother could only helplessly step forward while that pair of limpid pretty eyes swept thoroughly over everyone and suddenly asked. "Have you guys eaten?"

Feng Xun hadn't spoken before Fairy Mu Yao laughed coldly. "Is this food fit for humans? You go so far as to suggest we eat this? Eldest Young Master Feng, don't tell me that you don't think that this is a kind of offense to our Crown Prince Jun?"

Feng Yi Ran's heart skipped a beat as he glared at Beautiful Mother, admonishing her!

Beautiful Mother ignored Feng Yi Ran. After she heard that Fairy Mu Yao wasn't interested in these dishes, she immediately became delighted!

How could Feng Wu be willing for her mother to suffer any grievance. She also ignored Feng Xun and the rest as she pulled out a chair and had her mother sit down.

Little Seventh Feng's eyes instantly shined as he quickly, like a little monkey, in a swoosh, leapt to Beautiful Mother's side, pulling out a chair to sit down for himself.

Feng Xun. "……"

Feng Yi Ran. "……"

Feng Wu saw everyone blanking out and pretended to politely call out. "Simple home cooking, how about we all sit down together and eat?"

In all honesty!

Feng Wu knew well that the crown prince's band of people were accustomed to a life of luxury. How could they be used to these chilli oiled, hot and numbing dishes?

Especially Jun Lin Yuan, he'd absolutely uproot himself and run away.

As expected, Jun Lin Yuan's handsome, incomparably picky face wrinkled his brows, his eyes restraining in a strong aversion. "Heavily oiled, hot and numbing, coarse vegetables, simple cuisine, uncomplicated, crude."

Fairy Mu Yao instantly rejoiced having heard what was said.

She knew it!

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