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Chapter 87: Not Tasty, Not Tasty, Not Tasty At All!

Fairy Mu Yao's fervent gaze focused on Jun Lin Yuan.

She knew it, what kind of person was Crown Prince Jun? Having grown up in a kind of place like the imperial palace, what kind of culinary delicacy had he not tried? What kind of quality of life and upbringing was that? Could he eat this kind of heavily oiled, very spicy, crude food?

Simply ridiculous!

Originally, when she saw the lively Feng Wu, Fairy Mu Yao's heart instantly took precautions. However, seeing how she courted disaster……Fairy Mu Yao shook her head in her heart, how could Feng Wu be her opponent?

However, Feng Xun watched Feng Wu's practiced care of her mother, even hanging a nice-looking bib on her……he didn't know why, but his heart itched.

Seeing also how quickly Feng Wu's mother and her silly brother was eating……Feng Xun was astonished.

These two people's speed when eating was very fast, but there was still quite a difference.

Little Seventh Feng didn't care about anything as he threw everything he picked up into his mouth stuffed with food, eyes shining while he ate to his heart's content.

However, Feng Wu's mother had a completely different style as the manner in which she used her chopsticks was very graceful, the motions with which she ate was extremely graceful, even the way she spit out bones was outrageously graceful……

Yet, during that short minute, how did that plateful of bones and shrimp heads come about?

Could it be that it's really that delicious?

Feng Xun suddenly felt his heart itching to do something.

At once, he turned his head to tell Jun Lin Yuan. "Boss Jun, if you guys want to go, then leave first, I want to stay here instead and give this a try. After all, I'm really hungry after our long journey coming out of Icebound Forest."

Jun Lin Yuan. "……."

Feng Xun didn't see the slight change in Jun Lin Yuan's expression as he eagerly ran to face Feng Wu, both hands idle, looking down at Feng Wu from his high position.

Seeing Feng Wu's confusion, Feng Xun quickly urged. "Help me put it on."

Feng Wu clenched her fist discreetly. "……"

However, the one who extended the invitation previously was her. If she refused him now, then she'd be too fake. Hence, Feng Wu could only helplessly squeeze out a smile towards Feng Xun and help him put the bib on.

"Hee hee hee——" Feng Xun cheerfully looked for a place to sit down. Onto his chopsticks was added a palace shrimp ball which was promptly thrown into his mouth.

Honestly speaking, he originally did not expect much from these foods. The reason why he sat down was merely because his heart itched to, that's all. However, once this palace shrimp ball entered his mouth and he bit down——

"Eh? !" Feng Xun's limpid, beautiful startled eyes instantly shined!

"Oh wow!" Feng Xun cried in surprise, and didn't waste time saying anything more as he picked up the second red colored shrimp ball and stuffed it into his mouth. That motion was so quick, practically only a shadow was seen.

Once Beautiful Mother and little Seventh Feng saw such a strong competitor, they immediately became anxious. They angrily glared at Feng Xun, this foreign fighter for food, as they also sped up.

Xuan Yi was originally knitting his eyebrows. He'd wanted to block Feng Xun from eating this unhealthy food, however, watching Feng Xun's appearance as gorged himself……he hesitated a moment, but still asked. "How's the taste?"

They're indeed eating with too much relish. Xuan Yi's stomach was already rumbling with hunger, and now his craving had been aroused.

"Not tasty, not tasty, not tasty at all!" Feng Xun's pair of chopsticks were moving at lightning speed, mouth stuffed full of food, eyes rigidly focused on the dishes before his him. He basically was too busy to look at Xuan Yi.

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