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Chapter 85: So You Indeed Like Our Boss Jun

She stuck to her statement. "Just because I previously meticulously dressed up, you then arbitrarily say that I was pretending? Truly returning kindness with ill will."

Feng Xun smiled coldly. "Returning kindness with ill will? I heh heh! You surprisingly still dare to say these kinds of words. Feng Wu, you're indeed really interesting!"

While Feng Wu was pretending to be naive to distract and mislead Feng Xun, she was racking her brains for a way to escape this quandary.

The reality was……who knew they would attack when she was off guard!

Little Seventh Feng was longingly looking at the table full of fresh, savory dishes as he rubbed his hungry, rumbling tummy, his heart in pieces.

Who understood this kind of torture of being able to look, but not eat?

That's why, in order to be able to quickly sit down at the dinner table, little Seventh Feng said. "Wasn't it because of you guys that my elder sister dressed up and made herself up!"

Once these words came out, everybody looked at this fair and pretty youngster.

Little Seventh Feng said. "You guys are the real deal, the crown prince's band. Especially since even the crown prince came, can't my sister dress herself up? Is there a girl in the world who can refrain from dressing herself up under these circumstances? !"

Feng Xun immediately blanked out……he wanted to retaliate, but discovered that he was unable to argue……

Beautiful Mother was originally going to say that she was the one who wanted to dress up Feng Wu, but seeing Feng Xun's savage appearance, Beautiful Mother let it go, thinking it's better to forget about it. In any case, this wasn't some important matter.

But though Beautiful Mother felt it wasn't important, Feng Wu actually felt that this matter was extremely important!

Because the gaze with which Feng Xun and the rest looked at her with……was simply too intense and provocative!

Jun Lin Yuan also!

This person was also acting strangely.

The impression he gave off was that he'd never liked any girl's name to be linked with his. However, ever since he entered this room, Jun Lin Yuan's gaze was as passionate as a burning fever, making Feng Wu's heartbeat speed up! Bewildered, at a loss for where to place her hands and feet!

"Feng Wu, it shouldn't be that you like our Crown Prince Jun, right?" Fairy Mu Yao, who'd been quiet all along suddenly gave voice.

This question was like a sudden clap of thunder, smashing down on everybody's head.

Shzz shzz shzz!

Together, all of their gazes were like electricity shooting towards Feng Wu!

Even Jun Lin Yuan, he also looked at Feng Wu……

Feng Wu was startled and jumped. She jumped a step away, busily waving her hands and anxiously replying. "No way? How could I? ! Isn't it the most basic courtesy to be dressed in my best? How can there be so many reasons?"

"Excuses!" Feng Xun sneered. "I think you indeed like our Boss Jun, that's why you purposely wore such beautiful clothes. You deliberately pretended to be a virtuous, tender, and noble beauty to seduce our Boss Jun that way! Answer quickly, is that true?"

Feng Wu could clearly feel Jun Lin Yuan's gaze focusing on her. She was becoming so hot, she nearly set her own body on fire!

That pair of eyes……were as sharp as needles and also seemed like burning hot blazes.

Feng Wu only felt her scalp go numb……Jun Lin Yuan's going to get angry. What he hated most was to be liked by girls. He'd kill people when he flipped out!

Thinking of how she hadn't refined the Nine Reversal Spirit pill. Thinking of her weak beautiful mother with teary eyes and her naive younger brother, Feng Wu hurriedly waved her hands. "No! Absolutely not? How can I like him! What kind of a joke is that!"

"Trying to hide it only makes it more obvious." Feng Xun saw Feng Wu getting anxious. In contrast, he was neither anxious nor impatient. His hands placed behind him, calm and composed while speaking. "To explain is to cover it up, to cover it up is to make up a story. Little Feng Wu, alas, little Feng Wu, you're still so slick at making up a story, aren't you."

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