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Published at 20th of July 2020 08:14:36 PM
Chapter 857

857 Unexpected! 4

The crown prince was in love with her? Said who?

However frustrated Mu Yaoyao was before, she was delighted by what just happened!

She wanted to jump up and down and cheer!

“Cough, cough —”

Gongsun Qing coughed all of a sudden and began to vomit blood!


A clot of blood fell out of her mouth .

Feng Wu had wanted to steer clear of this Gongsun Qing business, but she was alarmed by the blood clot the latter spat out!

She went up to Jun Linyuan and glared at him .

“Just because you’re the crown prince doesn’t mean you can do whatever you like!

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“Jun Linyuan, do other people’s lives mean nothing to you?!

“I’m so disappointed!”

Feng Wu’s eyes spat fire!

Jun Linyuan’s face turned livid and he clenched his fists .

The murderous look in his eyes reminded the others of a lone wolf king!

Everyone held their breaths for Feng Wu .

That woman was so dead!

Gongsun Qing only spilled a few drops of tea and the crown prince was so mad that he kicked her out of the cabin .

And what had Feng Wu done?

She had scolded His Royal Highness relentlessly!

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She was so getting killed for this!

Feng Xun was on edge and was ready to go to Feng Wu’s rescue at any moment!

However, to everyone’s surprise —

Glaring was the only thing the crown prince did, until Feng Wu stormed off . He didn’t explode like everyone expected .

Feng Wu went up to Gongsun Qing with a grim look on her face and told Shi Xuan, “Move . ”

“Feng Wu!” Gongsun Qing was agitated as soon as she saw Feng Wu .

She had practically dragged Feng Wu here to demonstrate how affectionate the crown prince would be with her . As it turned out… Gongsun Qing was utterly humiliated!

“Go away! I don’t want to see you here! Retch —”

In her agitation, Gongsun Qing spat out another clot of blood!

Shi Xuan stared at Feng Wu and yelled, “Go away! We don’t want you here!”

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Feng Wu darted a glance at Gongsun Qing . “I wouldn’t stay here a second longer if it isn’t for the fact that you’re going to die . ”

She was going to die?!

Everyone’s eyes widened!

Many had stayed behind to tease Gongsun Qing, especially those on Mu Yaoyao’s side . But now, no one knew what to say .

“Are you saying… I’m dying?” Gongsun Qing wouldn’t believe it .

It was only a common internal injury, wasn’t it?

Feng Wu smirked . “What do you think you just spat out?”


“Bits of your internal organs,” Feng Wu said gravely .

That was why she was so mad .

Jun Linyuan had gone too far!

He was still that guy from Northern Border City who didn’t hesitate to kill a stranger . To him, other people were no more than ants, Gongsun Qing or the “ugly girl” alike .

“My internal organs? My…” Gongsun Qing blanched!

Shi Xuan had some medical skills, and she had done particularly well on the medical questions in the written exam . So —

She went ghastly pale after examining Gongsun Qing .

“How can… how can this be…

“You have multiple injuries to your internal organs and you have internal bleeding! What are we going to do? You’ll die from the blood loss! Sister Qing, it’s true!”

Shi Xuan was almost in tears .

Everyone else stared at Feng Wu in disbelief .

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