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Chapter 856

856 Unexpected! 3

“Then why wasn’t she angry?” Jun Linyuan glowered at Xuan Yi .

“Who wasn’t angry? Oh, you mean little Feng Wu? Well… maybe she’s still too young for that?”

Was that possible? Jun Linyuan rubbed his chin .

“So, she wasn’t angry . ” Jun Linyuan frowned .

Xuan Yi said, “Well… she could be angry, but she might be too good at hiding her emotions . ”

Jun Linyuan clenched his fists . So, was she angry or not?

Did she care about him at all?

Just then, there was a knock at the door .

The interruption irritated Jun Linyuan .

Whoever was at the door was senseless enough to enter the room without permission .

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Xuan Yi’s heart sank . Given the crown prince’s temper…

It was none other than Gongsun Qing .

However, Jun Linyuan’s gaze lingered in her direction for a moment .

The person he was staring at was Feng Wu, not Gongsun Qing .

Somehow, Feng Wu had come with all the other girls and was smirking at him from the door .

Smirking? Why was she doing that?

Gongsun Qing thought the crown prince was looking at her and was thrilled .

“Your Royal Highness, here’s some Xiluo tea I just brewed . I didn’t have much to work with here . I hope you don’t mind —”

After that, Gongsun Qing poured a cup of Xiluo tea and handed it to Jun Linyuan with both hands .

Outside —

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Many girls were waiting!

Gongsun Qing had invited Feng Wu to come with her .

Because she wanted to show Feng Wu how much the crown prince cared about her, and she wanted to prove that she had the power to persuade Jun Linyuan .

Just then!

Jun Linyuan saw that Feng Wu was blatantly sneering at him!

He smacked the table .

Gongsun Qing had yet to put the cup down, and jumped at the sudden movement . Her hand jolted, and she spilled some tea on Jun Linyuan’s sleeve .

Jun Linyuan then took out a pouch from inside his sleeve and saw that it had been stained by the tea .

The next moment!

Jun Linyuan’s face turned livid!

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The look he gave Gongsun Qing was so fierce that it reminded her of a thunderbolt!

That pouch was hideous! Why did His Royal Highness have it on him? It was like a joke!

“Your Royal Highness, let me wash that pouch for you…”

However, before Gongsun Qing could finish her sentence —

Something astonishing happened!

Jun Linyuan raised a foot and kicked Gongsun Qing in the stomach!

Oh god!

Everyone was shocked!

What just happened?!

The girls Gongsun Qing had brought with her were even more shocked!

They had expected to see Gongsun Qing serve the tea and His Royal Highness look affectionately at her… However, none of that happened, and Gongsun Qing was kicked out of the room!

Yes! She flew out of the cabin!

Gongsun Qing couldn’t believe what happened!

She was kicked out of the window, flew through the air, then landed on the ground with a thump, making a large pit in the snow .

She even forgot to climb out .

“Sister Qing! Sister Qing! What happened there?!” Shi Xuan scrambled over and dug Gongsun Qing out .

Gongsun Qing shook her head, and loose snow fell down from her hair . She was dumbfounded .

She had no idea!

A hush fell over the crowd…

Many were exchanging looks .

Didn’t His Royal Highness like Gongsun Qing?

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