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Chapter 858

858 Unexpected! 5

Only then did they remember that Feng Wu had gotten full marks in her written exam . That was to say, she had answered all the medical questions correctly!

She had to be excellent in her medical skills .

“There’s only one option for you . ” Feng Wu stared at Gongsun Qing . “Withdraw from the tryout and go find Master Chu . He’s your only hope . ”

Withdraw? No…

“Gongsun Qing, withdraw now!”

Gongsun Lan’s authoritative voice rang out in Gongsun Qing’s ears!

Gongsun Lan’s excitement had been completely replaced with rage!

What Jun Linyuan did had utterly humiliated Gongsun Lan!

Gongsun Qing had no other choice but to withdraw at the order .

Gritting her teeth, she was about to hit the panic button when —

All of a sudden!

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Buzz —

Buzz —

Their headbands made a strange noise .

What was going on?

All of a sudden!

With a click, all sound was cut off!

The bosses were still looking at the screen when —

The image disappeared .

The screen turned completely black .

What on earth was going on here?!

All their faces darkened!

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An incident on this scale was unprecedented!

Gongsun Lan was especially furious .

She panicked!

“What’s happening? Why is the image gone? Grand Secretary Fang, can you hear them?”

Gongsun Lan realized that she had lost contact with Gongsun Qing .

Grand Secretary Fang tried and failed as well .

Something had gone terribly wrong!

Back in the snowfield —

That sudden buzzing sound made everyone prick up their ears and look around suspiciously .

They were still alarmed when the sound disappeared .

Everything was back to normal .

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Only that —

“I can’t withdraw… sob… it’s not working…”

After all, Gongsun Qing was only a teenage girl, and it was only natural for her to be flustered at the turn of events .

Immediately, all eyes were on Feng Wu .

Feng Wu sighed in resignation . “Take her inside . ”

Luckily, Feng Wu still had a tent left . Otherwise, her patient would freeze to death before she could treat her .

Feng Xun tugged at Feng Wu’s sleeve as the others carried Gongsun Qing into the tent . “Can you save her?”

Feng Wu said, “Don’t get your hopes up . ”

The looks the others gave the crown prince were even more awe-stricken and frightened .

They reflected on themselves .

His Royal Highness was indeed as merciless and lethal as he was rumored to be! He was so dangerous to be around!

The little kindness the crown prince had shown had been mistaken for a change in his disposition . As a result, they had crossed the line…

Gongsun Qing thought the same .

She had assumed too much because of what His Royal Highness said and had acted inappropriately . She believed that she was the victim of her own deeds .

No one thought Jun Linyuan did anything wrong, for they believed that such was how he should behave . The crown prince was supposed to be unattainable and out of reach .

For a moment, it was all hushed in the campsite .

But it didn’t last long .

Someone whispered, “What was that buzzing sound?”

“I have no idea . Communication went down all at once . ”

“We’ve lost all means of communication with the outside world now . I’m beginning to freak out a little . ”

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