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Published at 20th of July 2020 08:14:59 PM
Chapter 848

848 Romantic? Maybe 7

Her top priority here in Proud Snowfield was to get the internal elixir of that Frosty Night Beast, which she would use as the core of her Taiyi Formation!

But Jun Linyuan had just fed the internal elixir to her! It was gone!

Jun Linyuan was displeased by Feng Wu’s reaction .

He hadn’t even thought about keeping the internal elixir for himself, and had fed it to her himself so that she wouldn’t give it to Yu Mingye . And now, she was yelling at him?

Hence, the two of them glared at each other, and the temperature in the tent began to rise!

Feng Wu yelled, “Jun Linyuan! What were you thinking?! You fed the internal elixir to me?!”

Jun Linyuan’s face turned livid . He had saved the internal elixir just for her, and she was yelling at him now? He felt so wronged!

Feng Wu went on . “What good will it do me? You could have given it to Yu Mingye! He needs extra help!”

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The crown prince was furious!

Feng Wu glared at him . “Quit staring at me! Am I wrong?!”

Jun Linyuan had enough . Staring at Feng Wu, he pointed at Yu Mingye . “Do you care about him that much?!”

He was so mad!

He wanted to cut Yu Mingye into little pieces!

Feng Wu snorted . “Of course! He saved my life!”

Jun Linyuan almost had a heart attack .

“He saved your life? When did that happen?!”

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Feng Wu snorted . “I’ll skip what happened before and tell you the most recent incident . If he hadn’t saved me from those Qilin Beasts, I would have been killed!”

Jun Linyuan drew in his breath!

Blue veins popped in the corner of his forehead .

He wanted to throttle Feng Wu!

“How do you know it was him?”

“What question is that? It’s so obvious . ” Feng Wu smirked . “Who else could it have been? You?”

“Why couldn’t it be me?”

“Heh . ” Feng Wu sneered at him . “Your Royal Highness, saving people really isn’t your forte . You’re much better at killing . Back in North…”

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Feng Wu stopped abruptly!

She almost let it slip!

If she mentioned what happened with the eagle, she would be telling him that she was that ugly girl!

Hence, Feng Wu cleared her throat . “Anyway, it won’t be the first time you turn away from someone that needs help!”

“I turn away from those that need my help?! I just saved that woman!” Jun Linyuan exploded .

He had done it for Feng Wu!

Because at that moment, he had turned around to find Feng Wu staring at Gongsun Qing .

Jun Linyuan didn’t want Gongsun Qing to fall to the ground, for the gory scene might give Feng Wu nightmares . That was why he had given Gongsun Qing a hand!

But —

Jun Linyuan shouldn’t have mentioned that, for Feng Wu flared up right away!

Not only did the crown prince turn away from her in Northern Border City, he even tried to kill her . And what did he just do? He saved a girl in front of Feng Wu! Very nice!

Feng Wu snorted . “That’s right! You saved Gongsun Qing! How amazing! I’m sure you’ll win her heart after saving her from distress! Everyone will be talking about it from now on!”

Jun Linyuan was infuriated!

He should never have saved that woman!

He glared at Feng Wu . “You’re impossible!”

“I’m impossible? Me?!” Feng Wu snapped, “You’re impossible! Your whole family is impossible!”

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